Top 10 SEO Agencies in Kiel, Germany for the Year 2024


1. JakobStrehlow - Social Media Experte & Agentur

5 from 49 Reviews

Jakob Strehlow is a marketing agency based in Kiel, Germany, specializing in social media marketing. With over 12 years of experience, Jakob Strehlow is a 7-time Meta-certified social media expert. The agency offers services such as performance marketing on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They also provide expertise in paid advertising on social networks and have a team of 9 employees. Additionally, they have collaborated successfully with companies like the Berliner Fernsehturm. Services offered by Jakob Strehlow include: - Performance marketing - Specialization in TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest - Paid advertising expertise on social networks - Collaboration with companies to strengthen their employer brand.

Jakob and his team receive glowing reviews for their expertise in Facebook Business, content creation, and social media marketing. Their services are highly recommended for effective strategies, excellent communication, and quick implementation. However, the lack of any negative feedback or diverse perspectives from clients could raise concerns about potential bias in the reviews.

Ringstraße 63, 24114 Kiel, Germany



5 from 26 Reviews

MOVESELL GmbH is a leading Amazon agency based in Kiel, Germany, specializing in increasing sales and success on the platform through SEO, PPC, brand strategies, and seminars. The company offers services such as Amazon marketing, brand analysis, SEO, and PPC. They have worked with over 100 brands, including Calvin Klein and Tommy Jeans. Jobs are available at MOVESELL GmbH for those interested in joining their team.

Customers have praised MOVESELL for their up-to-date technical expertise, customer-oriented approach, and professionalism. However, a negative review raised concerns about Trust1s limited service and dissolution without refunding the full amount. It appears that some customers were not satisfied with the service provided by Trust1. Overall, MOVESELL received positive feedback for increasing sales and rankings, but Trust1s dissolution left some customers dissatisfied.

Holtenauer Str. 96, 24105 Kiel, Germany

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3. Martel Media

5 from 22 Reviews

Martel Media is an international team of experts based in Kelowna, British Columbia, specializing in communication and dissemination strategies for high performing SaaS founders. They offer services such as coaching, building effective communication plans, launching and protecting businesses, and strategic marketing. The company has been successful since 2017 and focuses on digital agency services for clients in Germany.

Customers praise Martel Media for their professionalism, communication, and successful results in design, layout, and print projects. They appreciate adherence to deadlines and quality of work. Clients feel supported and well taken care of, with projects implemented quickly and efficiently. However, some reviews mention nerve-wracking experiences during website relaunches. Overall, Martel Media receives positive feedback and repeat business from satisfied clients.

Holtenauer Str. 82, 24105 Kiel, Germany


4. IT-Services Fengler

5 from 18 Reviews

The company offers a range of services including digital marketing, logo design, IT consulting, and web development. The team includes professionals like Stephanie Griffin Fengler and Derek Fengler. The company also has a Zurich office and specializes in the Life Sciences Tools & Services sector. Micki Fenglers family includes her husband Hank Fengler and two surviving sons. Marc Fengler is associated with technology and internet services. August Fengler is known for being an authentic dive bar in Berlin. Overall, the company provides a variety of IT services and consulting options for clients. Services offered: - Digital marketing - Logo design - IT consulting - Web development

Customers praise IT Service Fengler for their expertise, efficiency, pricing transparency, and reliability in web development and SEO optimization. Positive comments include quick implementation, thorough analysis, and professional conduct. One customer appreciates weekend work. Negatives not mentioned. Verdict: IT Service Fengler is highly recommended for competent, reliable service.

Grüffkamp 16, 24159 Kiel, Germany

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5. Tak Media

5 from 14 Reviews

TAK Media is a marketing agency with a team of experts providing services for over a year. Aaj Tak is a leading Hindi-language news channel under TV Today Network. MediaTek powers innovations for smartphones and smart homes. News Tak has surpassed 10 million YouTube subscribers and launched a new website. India Today Media Institute offers media education in mass communication and journalism. Services offered: - Marketing services - News channels - Media innovation - Digital content creation - Media education opportunities

Positive reviews for Tak Media highlight increased Google rankings, professional support, and successful SEO tasks. Clients commend the teams reliability, expertise, and affordable pricing. However, the lack of negative feedback leaves room for potential shortcomings to consider. Overall, Tak Media is recommended for SEO and web design services based on the positive experiences shared by clients.

Viborgweg 12, 24109 Kiel, Germany


6. Fortypixel

5 from 9 Reviews

Fortypixel is an online marketing agency based in Kiel, offering services to support brands and products. They have a strong Instagram presence with unique pixel font stickers for sale. The agency also offers colorful and trendy 40th birthday cards. The company specializes in pixel style designs and digital marketing strategies. Key services offered include: - Online marketing - Web design - Social media marketing - Branding and logo design - Digital advertising strategies

Fortypixel excels in creating professional, optimized websites with excellent communication and advice. Clients appreciate increased customer inquiries and high Google rankings. However, they lack prompt resolution of website issues and unique designs. Fortypixels expertise in Google ads management is commendable. Overall, the company is recommended for web development but may improve service and design creativity.

Rendsburger Landstraße 105, 24113 Kiel, Germany


7. Suchmaschinenoptimierung Nord

5 from 3 Reviews

Nord SEO offers White Hat SEO strategies and expertise to help businesses stay ahead of competitors. The company has a team of 18 cross-functional SEO specialists with expertise in various areas. They provide services such as managing content processes, creating SEO-oriented education platforms, and offering SEO services piloted by norsemen. Nord SEO also has a 4-star rating from satisfied customers. Services offered: - White Hat SEO strategies - Team of 18 cross-functional SEO specialists - Content management - SEO-oriented education platforms - SEO services led by norsemen

No User's review found.

Marienbader Str. 44, 24146 Kiel, Germany


8. Vollgas-Marketing - Webdesign & SEO

5 from 2 Reviews

Vollgas-Marketing is a digital marketing agency founded by Christian Krink, specializing in web design and craft sector recruitment. They emphasize the importance of visibility for business growth and offer services such as web design, SEO, and event organization. The agency has a passion for motorcycles and has worked with the brand MASH on their online presence. Services offered by Vollgas-Marketing include: - Digital marketing - Web design - SEO - Event organization - Brand identity creation

No User's review found.

Barkauer Str. 56-58, 24145 Kiel, Germany


9. Proconseo

5 from 1 Reviews

Proconseo is a company based in Kiel that specializes in optimizing websites for web design and Google ranking. They offer services such as SEO and web design. Customers can contact them via email or phone to inquire about their services. The companys contact information and responsible parties are listed on their website.

No User's review found.

Königsweg 38, 24114 Kiel, Germany


10. Kieler Woche Marketing

4.3 from 210 Reviews

Kieler Woche Marketing GmbH in Kiel is responsible for coordinating the annual summer festival, Kiel Week, which is the biggest sailing event in Europe. The company offers exclusive concert information and tickets for events like Matthew Moles performance. They also provide sponsorship opportunities, marketing services, and organize activities such as the MUDDI Market and Hoftheater im Hiroshimapark. Additionally, they host the Audi Kieler Woche, attracting top sailors from around the world. Services offered: - Coordination of Kiel Week festival - Exclusive concert information and ticketing - Sponsorship opportunities - Marketing services - Organizing social and ecological events like the MUDDI Market and Hoftheater im Hiroshimapark - Hosting the Audi Kieler Woche sailing event.

Positive reviews highlight the annual party promoting Kiel Week as awesome and mega cool, with high praise for the Wolfsburg Circus event. However, lack of detailed feedback makes it difficult to assess the companys web development services. Negative points regarding web development capabilities and client satisfaction are not addressed. Reviews for the company are not yet available.

Fleethörn 9-17, 24103 Kiel, Germany

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