Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Beauty World, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Best Physics Tuition Centre Pte Ltd

5 from 245 Reviews

The Best Physics Tuition Centre Pte Ltd in Singapore offers tuition programmes taught by experienced tutor Mr Tony Chee to help students excel in Physics. Founded by Mr Dave Sim, The Physics Café specializes in Physics, Maths, and Chemistry tuition. Services offered include: - Tuition programmes for Physics, Maths, and Chemistry - Experienced tutors committed to helping students achieve academic goals - Strong foundation and skillsets for exam success - Tried and Trusted tuition centre specializing in Physics, Maths, and Chemistry.

Mr Chee, a physics teacher at a tuition center in Singapore, receives high praise for his clear and concise materials, engaging lessons, and dedication to his students. Many students note improvements in their understanding and grades thanks to his teaching. Some negative points could be the lack of diversity in teaching styles and limited focus on challenging advanced students. Overall, Mr Chees classes come highly recommended.

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #B1-32, Singapore 588179


2. Miracle Learning Centre - Science Tuition

5 from 198 Reviews

Miracle Learning Centre in Singapore offers expert tutoring in maths, science, chemistry, and physics for primary, secondary, and JC levels. Their focus is on rapid learning and making learning fun for students. They specialize in science tuition and math tuition for all levels, aiming to help students excel in these subjects. They have a team of experienced tutors who have helped students improve significantly. The centre is known for its commitment to excellence in science education. Services offered: - Maths tuition - Science tuition - Chemistry tuition - Physics tuition

The text features positive reviews for Miracle Learning Centre in Singapore, praising Mrs. Lew for helping students improve their chemistry grades significantly. However, the text lacks any negative points, potentially presenting a biased perspective. The strength lies in effective teaching methods and personalized guidance, leading to improved results. The lack of negative feedback may indicate selective sharing of reviews.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


3. Indigo tuition Center- math

4.9 from 121 Reviews

Indigo Education Group is a leading tuition center in Beauty World Centre, Singapore, offering specialized math programs. They focus on empowering students with essential skills to excel academically. With a team of experienced instructors, many from GEP/Top schools, Indigo JC provides high-quality education services. Key points include: - Specialized math tuition for Secondary Express, IP, and JC levels - Empowering students with essential skills and knowledge - Experienced instructors from GEP/Top schools - One-to-one tutoring and consulting services - Strong focus on student success and academic excellence

Mr Peng is a caring and dedicated math teacher who has helped students improve their grades and understanding of the subject through engaging lessons and useful tips. He is approachable, patient, and a great mentor. However, there may be a lack of diversity in subjects taught and a need for additional reviews to provide a more comprehensive assessment of his tutoring services.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #03-02, #03-40/41 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


4. Eipimath - Math Tutor (IB, A-Level, O-Level)

5 from 45 Reviews

Eipimath is a math tutoring service based in Singapore, offering 1-to-1 and small-group tuition for IB, A-Level, and O-Level students. The tutor, with a BSc in Economics from Singapore Management University, has received recognition for his teaching excellence. Services offered include: - Math tutoring for IB, A-Level, and O-Level - Small-group tuition - Over 1 years of teaching experience - Specialization in math and O-Level Chemistry - Located near Beauty World MRT and Upper Bukit Timah area

Mr. Luos tuition center in Singapore receives glowing reviews, with students praising his exceptional teaching skills and ability to improve grades. However, the lack of excitement in the neighborhood and emotional toll of tuition are mentioned as drawbacks. Overall, Mr. Luo is highly recommended for those seeking to excel in math.

#03-27 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

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5. Aspire Hub @ Bukit Timah (Beauty World Centre)

5 from 40 Reviews

Aspire Hub Bukit Timah is an education center located on the third storey of Beauty World Centre. It offers various educational services and has been in operation since 2008. The center is known for providing tuition for subjects like Math and Chinese to students from primary to secondary levels. Some of the services offered include: - Math tuition - Chinese tuition - Preparation for exams - Assistance for students from top secondary schools and JCs - Convenient location near Beauty World MRT station.

Small classes promote efficient learning with engaging teachers. Ms. Rico helped a student improve from F9 to B in chemistry. Customized lessons and caring tutors create a positive learning environment. Some claim a supernatural aura that sparks interest in learning. High recommendations for those who dislike studying. However, lacking information on potential negative aspects.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #03-06A, Singapore 588177


6. Stepping Stones Learning Centre (Beauty World Centre)

5 from 11 Reviews

Stepping Stones Learning Centre has two branches in Bukit Panjang and Beauty World, Singapore, offering tuition classes in English, Mathematics, and Science for Primary & Secondary students. The center is known for efficient management, reliable caregivers, and quality education. Services offered include: - Tuition classes in English, Mathematics, and Science - Conducted by full-time and well-qualified educators - Located in Bukit Panjang and Beauty World, Singapore - Established reputation for high-quality education and caregiver services

Positive reviews highlight caring and involved teachers, affordability, and effective teaching methods. Students appreciate understanding teachers who help them grasp concepts. However, one review mentions that firm discipline is needed. Overall, the tuition center receives high praise for teachers, affordability, and effectiveness, but could improve discipline methods.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #02-32, Singapore 588177


7. (Get Exam Smart! Centre)

5 from 5 Reviews Website: Not Available

O-Level English Tuition Centre offers a range of services to help students excel in their exams. They provide resources such as essential toolkits, practice materials, and eBooks for Cambridge O-level English. The centre is an authorised exam centre and aims to help students maximize their scores in an exam-smart manner. They also offer support for learning and exam revision, particularly in subjects like English, Math, Chinese, and Science. Additionally, the centre ensures that candidates have necessary resources such as computers and smart wear for exams. Key services offered include: - Essential toolkits - Practice materials - eBooks - Support for learning and exam revision - Access to necessary resources for exams.

The tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for being child-friendly, having updated teaching materials, and effective tutoring for English and O level exams. However, reviews lack specific details and may seem overly positive. To improve credibility, more detailed feedback on teaching methods and student progress would be beneficial.

Beauty World Plaza, 140 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #01-12, Singapore 588176


8. Zhou's Academic Studio (Upper bukit timah road)

5 from 2 Reviews

Zhous Academic Studio in Singapore offers holistic Chinese language education with a fun approach. The studio has multiple branches, including one at Upper Bukit Timah Road. Services offered include: - Chinese language writing - Enrichment classes Overall, Zhous Academic Studio provides a trusted and recommended educational experience for students and parents.

No User's review found.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #02-10 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


9. Momentum Learning Centre

5 from 1 Reviews

Momentum Learning Centers in Tulsa, Oklahoma provides ABA therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They aim to create a fun, collaborative, and safe learning environment for children. Unfortunately, after six years in business, the company has made the decision to close. Services offered include: - Childcare - Daycare - Kids Camp - Education - ABA Therapy for children with Autism

No User's review found.

140 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Beauty World Plaza #02-20, Singapore 588176

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