Top 6 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Marina South Pier, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Mind Stretcher Woodlands

4.8 from 44 Reviews

Mind Stretcher Woodlands is a tuition and enrichment center located in Singapore, with a focus on student progress tracking. They offer classes in various subjects and have a strong reputation among parents. Services offered include: - Mathematics - Science - Student Progress Tracking - Appointment booking - Proprietary tracking system Overall, Mind Stretcher @ Woodlands is a reputable choice for parents seeking academic support for their children.

Students at the tuition center in Singapore praise teachers for individual attention, engaging lessons, and effective feedback to improve performance. However, some mention the pressure to perform and the need for constant improvement. Despite positive outcomes and supportive teachers, the pressure and high expectations may be daunting for some students.

900 S Woodlands Dr, #04-02 Woodlands Civic Centre, Singapore 730900


2. Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

4.4 from 6406 Reviews

Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore is a top cruise terminal in Asia, offering smooth air-sea transfers. The terminal provides a perfect start to your journey, with easy access to amenities like drugstores and VIP lounges. Services offered include: - Air-sea transfers - Drugstores selling sundries - VIP Lounge program - Shuttle buses for passenger transportation

The Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for its cleanliness, efficiency, and friendly staff. However, some customers note the long walking distance from the MRT, lack of signage, and unnecessary procedures. The facility offers a range of amenities such as casinos, food halls, and pools. Overall, it is recommended for families seeking a cruise experience.

61 Marina Coastal Dr, Singapore 018947


3. Marina South Pier MRT Station (NS28)

4.5 from 25 Reviews Website: Not Available

Marina South Pier MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit station in Singapore, operated by SMRT Trains. It is the southern terminus of the North South Line and located in the Straits View planning area. The station is situated in Marina Bay, a park by the coast built on reclaimed land. Services offered include: - Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) transportation - Southern terminus of the North South Line - Convenient access to Marina Bay area - Nearest bus stop information available

Newly built Marina South Pier MRT Station offers beautiful themes, directions to Ferry Terminal, and convenience for future developments. However, it requires a 10-minute walk to the cruise center which could be a drawback for some visitors. Despite the well-maintained facilities and helpful signage, the platform is described as dark. Overall, the location near the harbor and Marina Bay is appreciated.

33 Marina Coastal Dr, Singapore 018948


4. Marina South Pier Fishing

4.4 from 64 Reviews Website: Not Available

The company offers fishing charter services at Marina South Pier, providing opportunities for shore casting, eging, and ajing. They also offer amenities such as picnic tables, restrooms, and fishing piers. Their videos document successful fishing trips and highlight the good fishing opportunities at Marina South Pier and other locations. Services offered: - Fishing charter services - Shore casting - Egging - Ajing

The fishing spot near Marina South is popular with anglers, but has muddy parts and limited parking. Night fishing can be cold. The area is scenic and relaxing, with a chance to see birds and enjoy nature. Cycling is preferable to driving. Some areas are overgrown and can be difficult for bikes. The spot offers a nice escape, away from crowds.


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5. Marina South Pier

4.1 from 41 Reviews Website: Not Available

Marina South Pier is a transportation hub in Singapore offering ferry services to various destinations. The location provides amenities such as basketball courts, bike paths, picnic tables, and public art. Marina South Pier MRT station is operated by SMRT Trains and is part of the Mass Rapid Transit network. The area also features recreational facilities in Marina Bay. Services offered include: - Ferry schedules to Sentosa and other islands - MRT transportation - Recreational facilities - Ferry ticket booking options for various destinations

The Marina South Ferries MRT station is praised for its scenic views and ferry services to the Southern Islands, but lacks amenities and has long wait times for trains. Customer service is described as rude, and directions to Marina Barrage are warned against. Overall, the station is deemed isolated and inconvenient by reviewers.

018988, 31 Marina Coastal Dr, Singapore 018988


6. Marina South Pier

4.1 from 88 Reviews Website: Not Available

The company operates ferry services in the Southern Islands of Singapore, with a schedule as of October 6, 2021. The Marina South Pier MRT station is located nearby, providing convenient access. The company offers various amenities at Marina South Pier, such as basketball courts, bike paths, picnic tables, and public art. Additionally, the company provides ferry services between Marina South Pier and Kusu Island, with competitive prices and convenient booking options. Services offered: - Ferry services in the Southern Islands of Singapore - Amenities at Marina South Pier - Ferry services between Marina South Pier and Kusu Island

The text describes a peaceful, scenic location with long wait times at immigration, convenient transportation options, and a clean, less crowded metro station in Singapore. However, the negative aspects include slow immigration processes and disapproval of picnicking at the station. Overall, the location offers a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful views, but improvements are needed in terms of efficiency and crowd control.


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