Top 3 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Queenstown, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Mathmatico Learning Centre (Dawson Place)

5 from 24 Reviews

Mathmatico Learning Centre offers primary school preparatory classes and Sunday classes. They focus on helping students overcome careless mistakes, support accelerated learning and IEP, and provide a nostalgic learning experience. The centre is located at 57 Dawson Road, Singapore 142057. Services offered include: - Secrets to overcoming careless mistakes - Support for accelerated learning and IEP - Sunday classes - Nostalgic learning experience - Primary school preparatory classes

Mathmatico Learning Centre in Singapore receives glowing reviews for its excellent teaching staff, particularly Teacher Haiwei, who is praised for igniting interest and improving grades. The personalized feedback and structured approach are credited for significant improvements in students understanding and performance. However, some negative points or weaknesses are not mentioned in the reviews. Overall, Mathmatico seems to be a highly recommended tuition centre for math education.

57 Dawson Place, #02-06, Singapore 142057


2. Mind on Education Learning Centre (MOELC)

5 from 1 Reviews

The Mind on Education Learning Centre in Singapore is a registered tuition centre with a team of qualified teachers who identify learning difficulties and tailor tutorials. Established in 2009, the centre aims to be a Centre of Excellence in Foreign and Asian Language Education. Services offered include learner-centered teaching, spiritual nurturing, and education in languages such as French, German, Japanese, and Malay.

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365 Commonwealth Ave, #02-10, Singapore 149732


3. Axcell Tuition Centre, Queenstown

4.6 from 12 Reviews

Axcell Tuition Centre in Queenstown offers primary and secondary tuition for all subjects. They are known for their innovative and creative teaching methods. The centre provides education services in Jurong East and Queenstown. Services offered include: - Primary and secondary tuition for all subjects - English tuition - Teaching techniques and communication skills - Located at Blk 171 Stirling Road 01-1117 S140171.

Positive reviews highlight Axcell tuition centres helpful and engaging teachers who significantly improve students performance across various subjects. However, there are concerns about inconsistent teaching quality due to frequent teacher changes and a pushy Emath tutor. Despite the mixed reviews, Axcell is recommended for academic improvement but may need to address teacher turnover and teaching approaches.

321, Alexandra Road, Mall, #03-18 Alexandra Central, Singapore 159971

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