Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Sembawang, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Mind Stretcher Sembawang

5 from 28 Reviews

Mind Stretcher is a reputable tuition and enrichment center in Singapore, catering to children aged to 16. With a track record of over 15 years, they have helped over 280,000 children excel in academics and non-academic areas. The Sembawang branch offers high-quality and affordable education, with experienced teachers and a strong focus on results. Services offered: - Primary and Secondary Tuition - Enrichment Programs - Academic and Non-academic Support - A* Track Record

Parents and students express gratitude for engaging and dedicated teachers at the tuition center. Strengths include passionate and attentive teachers who go the extra mile to help students. Some weaknesses could include lack of reviews highlighting areas for improvement. Overall, the positive feedback underscores the centers commitment to student success. Personalized feedback and communication with parents are also mentioned positively.

355 Sembawang Wy, #02-04, Singapore 750355


2. EZYMath Studio

5 from 8 Reviews

EzyMath Studio is a mathematics tutoring center that offers high-quality and effective lessons with specialized educators. They provide customized learning programs tailored to individual needs. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of good diagnosis, feedback, and communication with parents. EzyMath Studio believes in celebrating learning and making it an enjoyable process. Their operating hours are flexible, and they offer tutoring services for students from grade to grade 12. Services offered include: - Customized learning programs - One-on-one tutoring - Digital math textbooks - Worksheet generator - Diagnostic assessments

Dedicated teachers at EZYMath Studio in Singapore receive rave reviews for improving students math skills, leading to exceptional academic results. Tailoring teaching methods to individual students needs, they have helped students achieve top grades in exams. No negative points are mentioned, indicating a strong recommendation for seeking math tuition at EZYMath Studio.

8 Jalan Legundi, #01-14/15, #16 Victory 8, Singapore 759274


3. Tutor City Home Tuition Agency

4.9 from 572 Reviews

Tutor City is the leading home tuition agency in Singapore since 2010, with a focus on providing free home tuition matching services to parents. They have helped over 40,000 parents find their ideal home tutor and offer services such as e-learning, dedicated and experienced home tutors, and matching tutors for home, tuition centers, and companies. Services offered include: - Free home tuition matching services - Dedicated and experienced home tutors - Matching tutors for home, tuition centers, and companies

Tutor City in Singapore receives positive reviews for efficient service, quality tutors, and prompt responses. However, a negative point is the need for a replacement tutor due to initial challenges. Overall, Tutor City is highly recommended for their transparent service and excellent tutor quality.

Proxima@Gambas, 50 Gambas Cres, Singapore 757022


4. AGrader Learning Centre - Sembawang

4.9 from 87 Reviews

AGrader Learning Centre is a popular tuition and enrichment centre chain in Singapore with over 19 locations islandwide. They offer high-quality tuition and enrichment programmes for English, Math, and Creative subjects. The centre provides strategically inserted revision papers to help students remember important information and familiarize them with exam formats. They have branches in Sembawang, Serangoon, Sengkang, Tampines, Tiong Bahru, Toa Payoh, and Yishun. Additionally, employees have shared positive experiences working at AGrader Learning Centre. Services offered include: - English tuition - Math tuition - Creative subject tuition - Enrichment programmes

Students praise Agrader for effective teaching methods and helpful teachers like Mr. John, leading to grade improvements and understanding of subjects. However, some reviews lack depth and detail, focusing more on personal experiences rather than overall quality. Overall, Agrader receives positive feedback for helping students excel academically, but attention to providing more comprehensive reviews would enhance credibility.

30 Sembawang Dr, #04-02, Singapore 757713

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5. Kiasu Maths Tuition Centre (Sembawang Canberra)

5 from 4 Reviews

The company offers a range of tuition services, including Math, Science, and English, for students at various levels from Primary to Junior College. They have a focus on providing quality education and have received recognition for their results. Additionally, they offer home tuition services for added convenience. Some specific locations mentioned include Canberra Plaza, Great World, and Sembawang in Singapore. Services Offered: - Math Tuition - Science Tuition - English Tuition - Home Tuition - Exam Paper Resources - After School Care facilities

No User's review found.

37 Sembawang Cres, Singapore 756986


6. Xing Fan learning centre(星帆补习中心)

4.9 from 12 Reviews

Xing Fan Learning Centre offers Mandarin tuition services for students at various levels. The center aims to promote the learning of Chinese language and culture. Services include coaching for academic competitions, sports events, and more. The center also emphasizes the importance of self-directed learning. Additionally, the company offers air conditioning and electronic repair services in various locations. Overall, Xing Fan Learning Centre provides comprehensive educational and cultural enrichment programs for students. Services Offered: - Mandarin tuition services - Academic coaching for competitions - Self-directed learning emphasis - Air conditioning and electronic repair services

The reviews highlight Teacher Shaos patient and effective teaching methods, resulting in significant improvements in Chinese language skills for students. While she is praised for her guidance and support, some students initially struggled with compositions. Overall, the reviews recommend Teacher Shao for Chinese tuition but mention the need for more focus on composition skills.

03-03C 2, Sembawang Cres, CANBERRA COMMUNITY CLUB, Singapore 757632


7. Reliance Learning Lab (Sembawang)

4.9 from 11 Reviews

Reliance Learning Lab in Sembawang, Singapore offers a variety of educational programs aimed at enhancing students learning journeys. They provide tuition in English, Math, Chinese, and Science, with a focus on nurturing students to become leaders in their fields. The company also collaborates with government agencies and educational centers to provide innovative learning opportunities. Services offered include: - English Math Chinese Science Tuition - Student Care Programs - Leadership development initiatives - Collaboration with educational institutions and government agencies

Reliance Learning Lab tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews, praising its exceptional tutors, personalized attention, and comprehensive curriculum leading to academic improvement. Some reviewers highlight a nurturing environment for character development. However, some mention occasional strictness. Overall, the center is recommended for quality education and mentorship, with noticeable improvements in students academic performance.

483 Admiralty Link, #01-25, Singapore 750483


8. EduFirst Learning Centre (Sembawang) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre Student Care Singapore

4.8 from 41 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre in Sembawang offers English, Math, Chinese, and Science tuition classes, along with student care services. They are an award-winning learning centre and one of the top tuition centres in Singapore. They also provide tailored primary school tuition classes through The Edu Experience program. JustEdu, established in 1999, is an education centre focused on fun learning, nurturing passion, and teaching from the heart. Services Offered: - English, Math, Chinese, and Science tuition classes - Student care services - Tailored primary school tuition through The Edu Experience program - Fun learning and passion nurturing at JustEdu

EduFirst tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews highlighting improvements in writing skills, teacher patience, effectiveness in teaching, and dedication to student success. Some weaknesses include lack of negative feedback or areas for improvement, potentially indicating biased reviews. Overall, EduFirst appears to be a reliable option for students seeking academic support and enhancement.

2 Sembawang Cres, #04-02 Canberra Community Club, Singapore 757632


9. Mainspring Learning Centre

4.6 from 30 Reviews

Mainspring Learning Centre is a part of Mainspring Education Groups of Learning Centre in ASEAN. With 17 years of experience, they offer tuition, after school care, and student care services. They provide quality care and enrichment programs for students, aiming to support their development and education. Services offered include: - Tuition - After School Care - Student Care Programs - Enrichment Programs

Students praise the P6 tuition center in Singapore for effective teaching, patient and knowledgeable teachers, and engaging activities. The small and cozy center offers student care and small group tuition, with extra help for homework and spelling tests. There are also meaningful activities for parents and students. However, limited negative points are mentioned, suggesting overall positive experiences at the center.

466A Sembawang Dr, Block 466A, Singapore 751466

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