Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Simei, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. InstanTuition EduHub - Tampines West, Singapore

5 from 113 Reviews

InstanTuition EduHub located in Tampines West, Singapore, offers PSLE & Secondary tuition with small class sizes and a focus on fun learning leading to instant improvement. The center specializes in Science and Principles of Accounts (POA) tuition. Services offered include: - PSLE & Secondary tuition - Science tuition - Principles of Accounts (POA) tuition

Positive reviews praise Ms Kacey and Mr Cheok for their teaching methods, resulting in significant improvements in grades. However, some negative aspects like hesitation to ask questions and lack of initial confidence are mentioned. The tuition center is commended for its conducive learning environment and helpful teachers, but the fun element in teaching might not appeal to all students. Overall, Instantuition shows promise with room for improvement.

801 Tampines Ave 4, #02-267, Singapore 520801


2. MaxEdge Learning Centre

5 from 102 Reviews

MaxEdge Learning Centre in Tampines specializes in Math Tuition, offering A Maths and E Maths Tuition for secondary and JC levels. They also provide A-Level JC H2 classes. The centre has property listings and experienced RE/MAX agents for home buying or selling. Services offered include: - Math Tuition for secondary and JC levels - A Maths and E Maths Tuition - A-Level JC H2 classes - Property listings with RE/MAX agents

Mr. Gary excels as a patient and responsible math teacher, helping students succeed with well-prepared practice papers. His comprehensive teaching style and dedication have led to significant improvements in students grades. However, there may be a lack of diversity in reviews, potentially indicating a limited range of experiences. Overall, Mr. Garys teaching approach and results warrant high recommendations.

828 Tampines Street 81, #2nd Level 01-240, Singapore 520828


3. Odyssey Learning

5 from 41 Reviews

Odyssey Learning Centre in Tampines offers quality student care and tuition services for primary and secondary students. Services include English, Chinese, Maths, and Science tuition, as well as enrichment programs. Experienced MOE-registered tutors provide small group sessions and student care services. The company also offers a unique parental app for seamless communication and support. Services Offered: - Student Care - Tuition in English, Chinese, Maths, and Science - Enrichment Programs - Unique parental app for communication and support

Parents praise Odyssey student care center in Singapore for dedicated teachers, academic improvements, and holistic development. However, some reviewers mention difficulty in coping with reading and writing. Positive aspects include nurturing environment, character building, and engaging activities. Overall, the center receives high recommendation for academic support and care, despite challenges in specific areas.

144 Tampines Street 12, #01-398, Singapore 521144


4. Mind Stretcher Simei

5 from 16 Reviews

Mind Stretcher is an education center located in various areas in Singapore, offering high-quality tuition services for children aged to 16. They have been in operation since 2002 and have helped over 280,000 children master academic and non-academic subjects. Services offered include: - Tuition services - Subject bundle discounts - Registration fee waiver - Convenient locations with easy access to MRT stations

Parents praised teachers Mr Raymond, Mr Ee, and Teacher Rozi for their dedication and effectiveness in improving students performance. However, the repetition of positive comments and lack of specific details in the reviews could suggest a lack of authenticity. Some reviews may be overly promotional. The overall effectiveness of the tuition centre may be exaggerated in the reviews.

3 Simei Street 6, #06-07 Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833

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5. AGrader Learning Centre - Tampines

4.9 from 95 Reviews

AGrader Learning Centre is a highly recommended tuition and enrichment centre chain in Singapore with 19 outlets. They offer high-quality programs in English, Math, and other subjects for students. Some key points about the company include: - Experienced and dedicated teachers - Convenient locations across Singapore - Positive reviews from satisfied customers

Parents praise AGrader Science and Math for improving their childrens grades and providing effective teaching. Positive comments on teacher support, engaging lessons, and materials. However, some express concern about the high cost and lack of emphasis on individual student needs. Overall, AGrader is recommended for students seeking academic improvement, but parents should consider the expenses and the potential for lack of personalization.

139 Tampines St. 11, #01-76, Singapore 521139


6. ISucceed Education Centre

4.9 from 54 Reviews

iSucceed Education Centre, co-founded by Mr. Kong, offers Primary & Sec/JC Maths & Science tuition in Tampines. The center is known for its outstanding teaching methods and success rates. They have experienced tutors who are empathetic, patient, and analytical. Services offered include: - Tuition for Primary & Secondary/JC Maths & Science - Virtual career center (IConnect) for students - Annual programs and mentoring services (ISUcceed Program/Academic Services) - History of African American Students program at ISU from 1870-1975

iSucceed Education Centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for their dedicated and knowledgeable teachers, as well as their personalized teaching methods. However, some negative feedback includes concerns about session lengths and limited availability of reviews. Overall, the centre seems to provide effective academic support with room for improvement in certain areas.

825 Tampines Street 81, Singapore 520825



4.9 from 48 Reviews

KO Tuition Club is a MOE registered tuition center with locations in Yishun and Tampines, Singapore. They specialize in providing tuition for students of all capabilities, aiming to unlock their potential and deliver results. The services offered by KO Tuition Club include: - Tuition for various subjects - Assistance with school assignments - Results-oriented teaching approach - Official school stamp for verification of attendance

KO Tuition Club in Singapore receives positive reviews for improving students grades, personalized attention, and dedicated teachers. However, some reviews mention improvements needed in communication and scheduling. Overall, the tuition center is recommended for its exceptional tutoring services, knowledgeable tutors, and positive impact on students academic performance.

282 Tampines Street 22, #01-298, Singapore 520282


8. Stalford Learning Centre

4.9 from 14 Reviews

Stalford Learning Centre is a reputable tuition and enrichment center in Singapore, affiliated with Stalford Academy. They offer courses for preschool, primary, secondary school, and junior college students. Services include exam crash courses, Chinese tuition, and a long-standing history of over 20 years in private education. Some locations include AMK Hub, Hillion Mall, and Northpoint City.

The tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for being a nice place to learn with helpful and friendly staff who improve students understanding. Some students have excelled in subjects like math and Chinese. However, no specific negative points were mentioned in the reviews, suggesting overall satisfaction with the tuition center.

3 Simei Street 6, #03-03, Eastpoint Mall, #03 - 03, Singapore 528833


9. Edufirst Learning Centre (Tampines) – Math & Chinese Tuition

4.8 from 72 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre in Tampines offers tuition classes for pre-primary, primary, and secondary levels. The centre has been recognized for its award-winning education programs, including math, Chinese, English, and science. They have a strong online presence and are known for their high-quality math curriculum tailored to each students needs. Key services offered by EduFirst Learning Centre include: - Math tuition - Chinese tuition - English tuition - Science tuition - Abacus classes

EduFirst Learning Centre in Singapore has received positive feedback for responsible and supportive teachers, fun learning environment, and academic improvement. However, some reviews mentioned overwhelming workload for teachers and mixed experiences with specific tutors. Overall, the centre is praised for its teaching methods and conducive learning environment, making it a popular choice for students seeking academic support.

3, Tampines Central 1, 1, #02-01 Tampines Plaza, Singapore 529540


10. KRTC Simei

4.3 from 14 Reviews

KRTC Simei is a branch of Kent Ridge Education located in Eastpoint Mall, Singapore. They offer a variety of services including tuition programs, diploma courses, and holiday camps for children. The branch has been operating since 200 and is managed by KR Simei Pte Ltd. The company also provides investment and education courses, with experienced ex-school teachers as part of their team. Visit their official page on Facebook or Instagram for more information. Services offered: - Tuition programs - Diploma courses - Holiday camps for children - Investment courses - Education courses

While praised for effective teaching and friendly teachers at KRTC tuition center, negative aspects such as unpredictable extra revision classes, inconvenient schedules, and additional fees for short Progress Review sessions are highlighted. Parents and students find it challenging to manage conflicting dates and find the policies and scheduling to be unhelpful and annoying. Overall, KRTCs scheduling and policies are viewed as problematic by reviewers.

3 Simei Street 6, #06-05 Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833

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