E-commerce in Vietnam

E-commerce in Vietnam
Foo Chuan Guan

Foo Chuan Guan

July 14 2023


The potential of Vietnam market deserves great attention. Ngan Pham from Anchanto Vietnam, a global B2B SaaS company, shares insights on e-commerce in Vietnam.

Vietnam is projected to have ~70% e-commerce user penetration  with a market size of ~71 million buyers by 2025, second only to Indonesia in South East Asia.While Indonesia gets a lot of attention by brands, solution providers and investors. Vietnam is not so well understood.

We spoke to Ngan Pham, is a Vietnam based digitalisation expert who also writes a newsletter on the Vietnam Digital landscape on LinkedIn to understand the E-commerce market in Vietnam.

Some ideas discussed :

  • Understanding consumer needs, how and when to follow up, Absence of clear value proposition
  • Brand building myths
  • Value of software in e-commerce and how to evaluate impact.
  • The Future of e-commerce in Vietnam.

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Key insights

1. Avoiding these 3 mistakes to thrive in e-commerce: not understanding your customer's needs, not having a clear value proposition, lack of follow-up.

2. Crafting a compelling brand story in conjunction with offering quality products is  paramount to e-commerce brand building.

3. When evaluating software, factors such as business goals, adaptability, expertise, user feedback, and return on investment (ROI) should be thoroughly assessed.

4. Vietnam's rapid digitalization, young population, and government support create favorable conditions for sectors such as logistics, digital payments, and social commerce, making Vietnam an immensely attractive market within Southeast Asia.

About Ngan Pham

Ngan Pham is a seasoned senior growth manager at Anchanto Vietnam. With over 9 years of experience in developing high-performing sales volumes and spearheading digital transformation initiatives, Ngan has made a significant impact in helping her customers achieve business success. 

About Anchanto

Anchanto is a global B2B SaaS company that enables enterprises to manage end-to-end eCommerce operations through its proprietary SaaS products & partnerships.