How to build a brand

How to build a brand
Foo Chuan Guan

Foo Chuan Guan

July 20 2023


How to build a brand from scratch? Navalayo Osembo, Co-Founder and CEO of Enda Athletic, explains her journey of building Enda Athletic.

How to build a brand from scratch? We spoke to Navalayo Osembo (Nava), Co-Founder and CEO of Enda Athletic. In this fascinating chat we went behind the scenes of how Enda is building a shoe brand out of Kenya and competing with the most well known brands in the US market. Lots of insights around building a brand from scratch, obtaining financing at the start, acquiring an initial customer base, and continue scaling the brand? 

Some ideas discussed:

  • How to run a crowd funding campaign
  • How to use media coverage 
  • Product-led SEO
  • Pricing 
  • Creating Authentic Connections through Storytelling
  • Pitfalls of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Business

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Key insights

1. In a Kickstarter campaign, determination and meticulous planning are crucial, with a focus on creating captivating video content and offering compelling incentives to attract backers. 

2. E-commerce operators who align their narrative with their vision and values ensure an authentic connection with the audience, solidifying their position in the industry.

3. Maintaining a customer-centric approach to pricing involves continuously seeking customer feedback and making adjustments based on their input to achieve value based pricing.

4. Common mistakes made in the direct-to-consumer business realm: outsourcing without a solid understanding of digital marketing, relying solely on paid advertising, and pursuing initiatives without a clear return on investment.

5. It is a myth that more money in paid advertising automatically leads to a bigger brand. The significance lies in the consistent communication of the brand's purpose and values.

6. By focusing on building a community through engaging touchpoints and fostering transparency and authenticity, businesses can establish a strong and genuine brand presence.

About Navalayo Osembo and Enda Athletic

Navalayo Osembo is a social entrepreneur, humanitarian worker, lawyer, accountant, mentor, and runner-in-training. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Enda Athletic, she is leading a movement to bring Kenyan athletic greatness to runners worldwide. Enda Athletic is revolutionizing the running shoe industry by producing the first made-in-Kenya performance running shoes, capturing the essence of Kenyan running culture and drawing inspiration from the expertise of Kenyan athletes.