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Flash Sale

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A flash sale is a discount or a promotion offered,  by an e-commerce store for a limited period of time. The time may vary for a few hours or days.

What is Flash Sale?

A Flash sale is a discount on products or services for a short period of time. The main goal behind this sale is a strategy to get customers to impulse buy, increase sales for a short-term period, and attract more customers.

Flash sales provide excellent opportunities to sell a large number of products in  a limited time period.  For example every year most companies in USA and Canada  run flash sales on BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) day. The flash sale's  high discounts and offers are promoted  aggressively by companies and business owners.

How does Flash Sale help business?

A Flash Sale is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness as well as brand value. Flash sales highlight your store on deal sites and blogs all over the web and expand your visibility in the process. For example if you run your e-commerce store on the Shopify platform, you could use the Konigle flash sale seller tool to run profitable flash sales.

Below are some of the pros and cons of running a flash sale on your online store.

Benefits of a Flash Sale

  1. Boost brand visibility
  2. Increase revenue, we estimated an ~14% increase in revenue during a flash sale.
  3. Create FOMO and sell more 
  4. Sell excess inventory
  5. Attract new customers
  6. Bulk orders reduce cost

Cons of a Flash Sale

  1. Shipping delays.
  2. Website downtime.
  3. Inventory issues
  4. Lower profit margins.
  5. Danger of attracting discount hunters 
  6. Risk of not being able to change back prices in time and losing out on  profit margins.

How to run a flash sale

Before starting a flash sale you understand the below things that help you to increase sales during the flash sale period. Carefully planned flash sales to market in all ways.

Store-wide Flash Sale is the best way to run flash sales across your online store within minutes.

  • Decide the goal of your flash sale
  • Keep everything simple and flexible
  • Make it for a short duration
  • Pick the right inventory for sale
  • Target right audience
  • Offer free shipping
  • Promote sales on social media
  • Prepare strategy in advance


Q. How long should a flash sale last?

Ans. 3-5 hours is the optimal duration for a Flash Sales. 

Q. How to run a successful flash sale on Shopify?

Ans. If you want to run a sale on Shopify read the complete guide here.