Top 10 SEO Agencies in Erfurt, Germany for the Year 2024


1. OnlineMarketing Heads

5 from 42 Reviews

Website Grader is a top-ranked SEO company with over 20 years of experience in delivering SEO services, PPC, CRO, and website design. They specialize in eCommerce digital marketing and help people create their own web design businesses. The company offers services such as: - SEO - PPC - CRO - Website design - Online marketing - Responsive Webdesign - Digital Marketing - Online advertising

The reviews for Online Marketing Heads highlight great communication, quick project implementation, detailed reporting, and competent online marketing advice. However, some reviews mention the need for more patience and calmness. Overall, the company is recommended for their professionalism and expertise in digital marketing and web development services.

Arnstädter Str. 50, 99096 Erfurt, Germany


2. Social Selling Agency GmbH

5 from 22 Reviews

The Social Selling Agency focuses on measuring and analyzing campaign results, offering AI-powered tools and expertise. They provide social media, marketing, and customer engagement solutions, utilizing data and intelligence tools. Services offered include social selling, social media marketing, consumer intelligence, and customer care solutions. Services: - Social selling - Social media marketing - Consumer intelligence - Customer care solutions

Customer reviews for Social Selling Agency GmbH praise their reliable, friendly, and competent team, delivering tailored marketing solutions with measurable results. The agency is highly recommended for medium-sized businesses in Thuringia, showcasing professionalism and expertise. There are no negative points raised in the reviews, indicating a strong track record of successful collaborations.

Große Arche 3, 99084 Erfurt, Germany

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3. Ambitive Digitalagentur

5 from 17 Reviews

Ambitive is a digital agency specializing in web application development, UI/UX design, and online marketing services. They offer consultation, development, design, creation, SEO, and SEA services with a focus on web development. Their services include web design, web development, and online marketing. Ambitive also operates a blog discussing topics related to web development and online marketing. Key services offered by Ambitive include: - Web application development - UI/UX design - Online marketing (SEO, SEA) - Consultation - Design and creation services

Customers praise Ambitive for their professional quality, competent advice, and collaborative approach. The resulting websites are well-received and lead to increased business. Some highlight the quick response times, personalized marketing concepts, and ongoing support. However, a minor weakness is not explicitly mentioned. Overall, the overwhelmingly positive reviews recommend Ambitive for their expertise and service.

Talstraße 12b, 99089 Erfurt, Germany


4. Trafficschmiede

5 from 16 Reviews

The company specializes in online marketing and ecommerce, offering services such as drip campaigns, persuasive hacks, instant-clarity headlines, and digital advertising. They prioritize customer journey and credibility, ensuring messages are clear and impactful. With a team of digital marketing specialists, they help businesses reach their target audience effectively through electronic devices. Their focus on forming a digital marketing strategy sets them apart from traditional marketing approaches. Services offered: - Drip campaigns - Persuasive hacks - Instant-clarity headlines - Digital advertising - Digital marketing strategy formation

Trafficschmiede receives positive feedback for expertise in social media strategy, local marketing, and website optimization. Clients appreciate the personalized approach and increased visibility. However, some reviews highlight the need for improved communication and transparency in project management. Overall, Trafficschmiede is recommended for its professional services and results-driven approach in online marketing.

Höhbergweg 16, 99092 Erfurt, Germany

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5. W3CLICKit

5 from 11 Reviews

wCLICKit is a web design, SEO, and marketing agency in Erfurt, Germany. Their services include website creation, SEO optimization, modern design, and functionality, as well as responsive design. The agency is run by Christian Staub, who specializes in web development and SEO. They offer a full-service approach and have experience working with various clients. Services offered: - Web design - SEO optimization - Marketing and advertising

Christian Staub receives glowing reviews for his quick website relaunches, smooth communication, and technical expertise. Clients praise his professionalism, problem-solving skills, and seamless email migration. However, some find the process too easy, wishing for more challenges. Overall, Staubs excellent web design and SEO skills earn him high recommendations.

Lange Brücke 39/40, 99084 Erfurt, Germany


6. Dr. Johannes Christoph - SEO Freelancer - Christoph Digital GmbH

5 from 5 Reviews

The company offers services in SEO, online marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, strategizing and consulting. They provide personalized guidance and efficient strategies for improving website ranking. They also offer IT training and consultation services.

Customers praise Johannes for his expertise in SEO and affiliate marketing, providing clear recommendations and achieving positive results. While the consultations were tailored and thorough, some felt they already had knowledge in the field. Johannes dedication and individualized approach stood out, but potential downsides include a lack of detailed negative feedback and the possibility of overselling services. Overall, Johannes receives positive reviews for his services.

Bahnhofstr, Büßleber Gasse 16, 99084 Erfurt, Germany


7. Adfera - Webdesign & Online Marketing

4.9 from 16 Reviews

Adfera is a Full-Service Agency based in Erfurt specializing in web design and online marketing services. They offer a range of services including web design, search engine optimization, and social media management. Adfera is known for its excellent service and quick project turnaround. Services offered: - Web design - Online marketing - Search engine optimization - Social media management

Adfera, a web development company, receives positive reviews for its professionalism, transparency, and quality of work in web design and SEO projects. Clients praise the teams individualized approach, knowledge of SEO, and communication skills. However, no negative points are mentioned in the reviews, indicating a strong reputation for Adfera.

Gorkistraße 20, 99084 Erfurt, Germany


8. Seonicals®

4.9 from 50 Reviews

Seonicals is a well-established SEO agency based in Erfurt, specializing in search engine optimization and Google Ads. They have a dedicated team known for their professionalism and effectiveness in bringing clients to the top of Google search results. The company, formerly known as, has grown from a one-man show to a passionate and skilled team. Services offered include: - Search engine optimization (SEO) - Google Ads (SEA) - Online marketing strategy development

Customers praise Seonicals for their expertise, professionalism, and effective SEO strategies, leading to increased website traffic. They excel in website relaunches and customization. However, some mention the need for quicker response times. Overall, Seonicals is recommended for those seeking strong online presence improvement.

Johannesstraße 176, 99084 Erfurt, Germany


9. Forward Marketing GbR, Werbeagentur

4.8 from 17 Reviews

Forward Marketing GbR is a full-service advertising agency based in Erfurt and Dermbach, Thuringia, specializing in digital marketing, web design, SEO, SEA, and eCommerce solutions. They offer innovative and future-oriented services to help businesses succeed. Services include: - Onlinemarketing - Webdesign - SEO & SEA - eCommerce

Forward Marketing received mostly positive reviews for their website design, SEO, and logo creation services, with clients praising their professionalism and support. However, one negative review mentioned a disappointing landing page result. Overall, Forward Marketing is recommended for their services, with the exception of one dissatisfied customer.

Alte Ch 93, 99097 Erfurt, Germany


10. SEO-Küche Internet Marketing GmbH & Co. KG

4.7 from 9 Reviews

SEO-Küche Internet Marketing GmbH & Co. KG is a Full-Service Online Marketing Agency specializing in SEO, SEA, and Social Media. Founded in 2009, with locations in Rosenheim, Munich, Berlin, and more, they offer services such as website creation, search engine optimization, and search engine advertising. With a strong online presence and a high customer satisfaction rate, they are a reliable choice for businesses looking to improve their online marketing strategies. Services offered: - SEO - SEA - Social Media Marketing

Customers praise SEO Küchen for their great project management, reliable partnership, and professional support in web development. However, one review mentions challenges with changing digital requirements. Overall, the agency receives positive feedback and recommendations for their services.

Zittauer Str. 30, 99091 Erfurt, Germany

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