Top 10 SEO Agencies in Leipzig, Germany for the Year 2024


1. Online Marketing – Wagner & Klabes

5 from 29 Reviews

Wagner Web Designs, Inc is a digital marketing agency with over 15 years of experience in building and maintaining websites for small businesses. The company is led by CEO Katie Wagner and offers services such as digital marketing strategy, social media management, and media development. Wagners online presence is maintained through their website and social media channels, and they work closely with marketing leaders to enhance and measure digital programs. Additionally, Wagner collaborates with the Ohio Digital Marketing Agency to focus on career readiness, networking, education, and real-world experience. Services offered: - Digital marketing strategy - Social media management - Media development

Thomas Wagner from Leipzig receives resoundingly positive reviews for his expertise in SEO and online marketing. Clients praise his professionalism, knowledge, and results-driven approach. Communication and trust are highlighted as key strengths. However, the lack of any negative feedback or constructive criticism raises questions about the credibility of the reviews. It is advisable to approach these reviews with caution.

Kamillenweg 20, 04158 Leipzig, Germany


2. SEO und SEA

5 from 19 Reviews

Agentur Schade is a top-notch online marketing and SEO agency based in Leipzig. The company offers services including analysis, strategy, consulting, UX, conversion optimization, SEO, and Google Ads. Their team of experts specializes in B2B online marketing, SEO, and digital campaigns. Additionally, they provide services in web analysis, SEO, content creation, and SEA. Overall, Agentur Schade is a reputable agency known for their effective online marketing strategies and search engine optimization techniques. Services offered: - Analysis - Strategy - Consulting - UX - Conversion optimization - SEO - Google Ads

The Schade agency received positive reviews for SEO services, training, and fair pricing, resulting in increased website traffic. However, some clients noted issues in communication and implementation. Overall, the agency is recommended for professional work in SEO and Google AdWords campaigns. The agencys ability to tailor strategies to individual needs was praised, with clients seeing tangible results and benefits.

Kreuzstraße 1, 04103 Leipzig, Germany


3. Jane von Klee - Kund:innen gewinnen durch Human SEO

5 from 14 Reviews

Jane von Klee is an expert in Human SEO, helping entrepreneurs attract more customers through their websites. Her focus is on using SEO and compelling sales-oriented texts to increase website traffic and conversions. She offers the following services: - Human SEO consulting - Sales-oriented website content writing - Helping entrepreneurs attract more customers through their websites

Jane von Klees web development company receives glowing reviews for SEO services, content quality, and professionalism. Clients praise her expertise, easy-to-understand explanations, and supportive approach. However, some mention lingering questions and the need for further guidance. Overall, Janes team is recommended for those looking to improve their websites SEO, with a note on the need for clearer communication and addressing lingering doubts.

Holsteinstraße 1, 04317 Leipzig, Germany


4. ACQUIRED. Marketing Agentur Leipzig

5 from 9 Reviews Website: Not Available

The company specializes in equipping product and marketing teams with skills for app growth, managing retail media and data-activated marketing, and offering services for engineering and consulting. They cater to top retailers, offer global customer insight services, and focus on mobile marketing and user acquisition. The company also provides agency services, but some divisions have been liquidated. Key services include: - App growth and marketing skills training - Retail media and data-activated marketing - Engineering and consulting services - Global customer insight services - Mobile marketing and user acquisition - Agency services (including liquidated divisions)

Customers praise the team for excellent work, fast delivery, and smooth communication. The web design and SEO services exceeded expectations, leading to successful outcomes. Clients appreciate the automation of new customer acquisition and high-quality website. Some wish for more services to be reviewed. Overall, the company is highly recommended, with no major weaknesses mentioned.

Nernststraße 12, 04159 Leipzig, Germany

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5. Marketing 313 - Leipzig

5 from 6 Reviews

The company offers a range of marketing services such as Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Webdesign & SEO. They also provide internship opportunities in Business Analysis, Marketing Research, and Risk Management. Additionally, they offer services in Sales, Service, Human Resources, and Training. Their contact information is available for those seeking assistance. Services offered: - Inbound Marketing - Content Marketing - Marketing Automation - Webdesign & SEO - Business Analysis Internships - Marketing Research Internships - Risk Management Internships - Sales - Service - Human Resources - Training

Customers praise Christophs expertise in designing marketing materials, websites, and business cards. They appreciate his flexibility, goal-oriented approach, and understanding of search engine optimization. However, some reviews mention intrusive long-term support and lack of unique design. Overall, Christoph is recommended for his quick, high-quality work, creativity, and pleasant cooperation, making him a reliable choice for web development needs.

Lessingstraße 10, 04109 Leipzig, Germany


6. Tiracon - Online Marketing Agentur Leipzig

4.9 from 17 Reviews

Tiracon is an online marketing agency in Leipzig, known for its professionalism and expertise in SEO and online marketing services. They have received positive reviews for their skilled staff and ability to help businesses gain popularity online. Services offered by Tiracon include SEO, search engine optimization, internet marketing, website optimization, and social media optimization (SMO). Customers have praised the company for their quality services and knowledge in the field.

Tiracon receives positive reviews for competent SEO services, website design, communication, and fair pricing. However, the lack of negative feedback suggests possible bias. Clients praise the teams expertise, professionalism, and effective strategies for website optimization. Overall, Tiracon is recommended for businesses seeking SEO and web development services in Leipzig.

Springerstraße 3, 04105 Leipzig, Germany


7. Gogolok OM aus Leipzig - Online-Marketing & Life-Coaching

4.8 from 36 Reviews

The company is a team of SEO specialists based in Leipzig since 2010, focusing on sustainable and friendly customer service in online marketing. Services offered include sustainable search engine optimization, social media marketing, online marketing, and website coaching. They emphasize long-term collaboration and a balance between comfort and progress. Key contact is Kristin Gogolok. Services offered: - Sustainable search engine optimization - Social media marketing - Online marketing - Website coaching

Customers praise Kristin Gogoloks search engine optimization expertise, citing improved rankings and increased sales. Her training sessions are effective, and clients appreciate her tailored approach to SEO. However, some reviews mention ongoing support could be improved. Overall, Kristin Gogolok receives glowing recommendations for her SEO services, with a focus on sustainable results and holistic strategies.

Karl-Heine-Straße 99, 04229 Leipzig, Germany


8. Azoora

4.8 from 51 Reviews

Azoora is an Indo-Dutch multinational company based in Santa Monica, California. They specialize in creating intelligent designs for brands, offering responsive websites and intelligent apps. The CEO aims to empower individuals through their work. Azoora also has a presence on SoundCloud and Instagram, showcasing their work and connections in the industry. Services offered: - Intelligent and striking designs - Responsive websites - Intelligent apps

Customers praise Azooras team, particularly Marcus and Ramona, for their expertise in creating customer-generating homepages and providing valuable SEO insights. Ramona stands out for her ability to simplify complex concepts. However, there are no negative points mentioned in the reviews, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction with Azooras services.

Arno-Nitzsche-Straße 45a, 04277 Leipzig, Germany


9. Marketing Bro - Webdesign & Online Marketing

4.6 from 20 Reviews

Brolik is a Philadelphia digital marketing agency that specializes in web design, marketing, branding & video production. Other companies mentioned include Bachetti Brothers in Wilmington, DE offering retail meats and catering, Utt Brothers Marketing providing professional marketing services, and Cubano Bros offering authentic Cuban bread. Hederman Brothers offers commercial printing services and web campaign development. KatBro Consulting handles marketing, website, and design needs. Kaladi Brothers is involved in brewing and coffee. Termini Brothers provides web design services. The company Enode focuses on transforming the global EdTech industry with brand strategy and website development. Services Offered: - Web design - Marketing - Branding - Video production - Catering - Retail meats - Commercial printing - Direct mail campaigns - Email marketing - Brewing - Coffee production - Brand strategy building - EdTech industry transformation

Positive reviews praise the fast and creative collaboration, high quality work, excellent communication, and a top performer in marketing and web design, as well as a serious and competent expert. However, the removal of a review that supposedly contradicts Google guidelines raises concerns about censorship. Mixed reviews and potential inconsistency highlight potential issues with the companys practices.

Georg-Schumann-Straße 329, 04159 Leipzig, Germany


10. Xenio Marketing GmbH

4.5 from 25 Reviews

Xenio Marketing GmbH is a marketing agency based in Leipzig, specializing in holistic solutions in marketing and communication for associations, clubs, and medium-sized businesses. They focus on tech, performance, and creativity, offering a variety of web and online marketing projects for diverse clients. Their team is dedicated to problem-solving and advancement in digital communication. Services offered: - Holistic digital communication solutions - Web and online marketing projects - Specialization in tech, performance, and creativity

Customers highly recommend Xenio Marketing GmbH for their great employees, service, and results, particularly in website development. However, some experienced negative outcomes with Google Ads management, leading to increased costs and poor performance. Despite this, they offer friendly advice and highlight funding opportunities for further development. Overall, Xenio Marketing GmbH receives positive feedback with a caution regarding Google Ads management.

Ihmelsstraße 7, 04315 Leipzig, Germany

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