Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Little India, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Illum.e GP tuition, English, IP English and Humanities Tuition

5 from 176 Reviews

illum.e is a MOE-approved tuition centre in Singapore offering high-quality English, Humanities, and General Paper tuition programs. They provide tuition for Primary and Secondary school students, as well as Junior College students. Their services include: - IP English and Language Arts Tuition - GP Tuition - Humanities Tuition - Economics Tuition - Online and/or physical lesson modes

The reviews for illume.tution centre in Singapore praise the outstanding team, structured curriculum, and engaging teaching methods, resulting in improved grades and motivation. Both General Paper and English tuition are highly recommended for their comprehensive notes, clear explanations, and helpful consultations. While no negative points were mentioned, the high praise could be seen as biased. Overall, illume is highlighted for its effectiveness in achieving excellent results in both subjects.

134 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-311, Singapore 600134


2. Everyday Tuition- Awarded as Top 5 Singapore Tuition Centres

5 from 83 Reviews

Everyday Tuition has been recognized for their excellence in online English tuition classes and has received various awards, including the SME500 award. They offer top-notch primary and secondary classes in English, Math, Chinese, and Science in Singapore. The company prides itself on providing high-quality education through personalized tutoring and small class sizes. Check out their website or contact them at 8500898 for more information. Services offered: - English, Math, Chinese, and Science tuition classes - Personalized tutoring - Small class sizes - High-quality education experience

Everyday Tuition Centre in Singapore receives rave reviews praising Dr. Lu and her team for their dedication, personalized materials, and effective teaching methods. Parents note improvements in their childrens academics and positive attitudes towards learning. However, some reviews mention a lack of personal experience yet, and the need for increased transparency and communication. Overall, Everyday Tuition seems to be a reliable choice for academic support.

Orchard Towers, Orchard Rd, #05-26 400, Singapore 238875


3. Master Maths Education Centre

4.9 from 195 Reviews

MasterMaths Education Centre is a leading tuition center in Little India, Singapore, offering proven-to-work methods for achieving math success. They have experienced math tutors, with a focus on developing a love for learning and mastering math concepts. The center provides in-person extra classes, maths skills assessments, and a supportive learning environment. Services offered include: - Extra math classes - Math skills assessments - Developing a love for learning - Mastering math concepts

MasterMaths tuition center in Singapore has received glowing reviews praising Coach Irfan and his team for their dedication, resulting in significant improvements in students grades and confidence. Positive comments include engaging teaching methods, exceptional results, and personalized guidance. However, lack of negative feedback or constructive criticism from the reviews suggests a potentially biased or filtered representation of the tuition centers performance.

672A Klang Ln, #01-97, Singapore 211672


4. Jai learning hub, Tamil language Center

4.9 from 155 Reviews

Jai Learning Hub is the top Tamil tuition center in Singapore, offering expert tutors, proven methods, and comprehensive classes for all levels from primary to junior college. Founded in 2007 by Madam Devi, the hub aims to help students excel in Tamil and enjoy the language. With branches in Yishun and Novena, Jai Learning Hub provides affordable and interactive Tamil language lessons. Services offered include: - Expert tutors - Proven teaching methods - Comprehensive classes for all levels - Interactive teaching approach - Affordable tuition rates

Jai Learning Hub in Novena receives positive reviews for its caring teachers and effective teaching methods in Tamil. Parents appreciate the individualized attention and creative approaches to learning. However, the centers focus on Tamil language may limit its appeal to a wider audience. Overall, Jai Learning Hub is recommended for those seeking quality Tamil tuition.

291 Yishun Street 22, Singapore 760291

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5. Jaycee Tuition Centre

5 from 8 Reviews

Jaycee Tuition Centre in Singapore specializes in teaching Principles of Accounts, O Level Math, and A Level Math. They offer free trial lessons and discounts for referrals. Founded in 2007, the centre is known for producing great results in various subjects for both local and foreign students. Services offered include: - Principles of Accounts tuition - O Level Math tuition - A Level Math tuition Overall, Jaycee Tuition Centre is committed to providing quality education and helping students achieve academic success.

Positive reviews for JAYCEE TUITION CENTRE in Singapore highlight improved grades, engaging classes, and helpful teachers. Students saw significant improvements in Math and POA subjects. However, the reviews lack specific details on teaching methods and individual attention. Some students mention overcoming failing grades, but no negative points are provided. Overall, JAYCEE TUITION CENTRE seems effective in academic improvements with engaging lessons and supportive teachers.

545 Orchard Road #04-22 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882


6. Andrew Yap Education Centre

5 from 7 Reviews

Andrew Yap Education Centre in Singapore offers JC A Level H2 Math tuition, Secondary Math & IP Math tuition taught by former Hwa Chong subject heads. Services offered include: - JC H2 Maths & Sec IP Maths/Maths Tuition - 1-day crash courses during holiday breaks - A level H2 Math Ten Year Series with solutions by former HCI subject heads - Speed and conditioning specialist coaching The curriculum director has a Masters degree in Science (Mathematics) and over 10 years of teaching experience. Contact the centre for registration information.

Mr and Mrs Yap, experienced teachers, receive praise for patience and effectively explaining concepts. Students show improvement in grades, with some going from a S to an A. Engaging lessons helped maintain attention and promote understanding. However, no mention of weaknesses or negative points. Overall, the tuition centre is highly recommended for their clear explanations and effective teaching methods.

Blk 302, #01-1842, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 560302


7. MindFlex Home Tuition Agency

4.8 from 591 Reviews

MindFlex Home Tuition is Singapores top tuition agency, trusted by over 5,000 parents. They offer effective home tuition for all subjects with a 100% free trial available. Some key points about the company include: - Top quality 1 to 1 home tuition - No agency fees involved - Trusted by thousands of parents - Free tutor request within a short period of time Overall, MindFlex Home Tuition Agency provides reliable and high-quality home tuition services for students in Singapore.

The tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for prompt service, knowledgeable tutors, and personalized teaching methods. However, there are concerns about lack of communication and the need for more updates from tutors. Overall, the center is recommended for effective teaching and good tutor selection, but improvements in communication and feedback are needed to enhance the overall experience.

28 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573972


8. Tamil tuition - Tamilcube Learning Centre

4.6 from 22 Reviews

Tamilcube is Singapores first and only MOE registered private Tamil school, offering Tamil tuition and enrichment classes for students of all levels. They also publish and distribute Tamil books and resources. Services offered include: - Tamil tuition for all levels - Enrichment classes for K1/K2, Primary, and Secondary levels - Game-based learning program - Home tuition - Kindergarten 1 classes Overall, Tamilcube is a trusted institution with multiple learning centers across Singapore, dedicated to providing quality Tamil education.

Tamil Cube Tuition in Singapore receives positive reviews for its effective teaching methods, engaging curriculum, and supportive learning environment. However, there is a query about job vacancies which may indicate a potential weakness in communication or responsiveness. Overall, the center is recommended for anyone looking to learn Tamil, with a strong emphasis on its dedication and quality education.

48 Serangoon Rd, #01-04 Arcade, Singapore 217959


9. Math Vision

4.3 from 46 Reviews

Math Vision is an academic enrichment center in Singapore that provides individualized tutoring for students in Grades 1-12 (K12). They focus on mathematics education and offer high-quality instruction. Services offered: - Academic enrichment - Individual tutoring - Math simulation tools - Access to high-quality instruction Overall, Math Vision aims to help students improve their mathematical skills and become confident, independent thinkers.

MathVision tuition centre in Singapore receives mixed reviews, with a lack of communication, poor leadership, inconsistent payment, and high fees being common complaints. Some positive aspects are mentioned, such as decent pay for part-time work and an enthusiastic owner. However, overall, the negative feedback regarding unresponsiveness, high prices, and lack of professionalism outweighs any positives.

2 Serangoon Road #01-51 to #01-54 #01-55 to #01-59, Tekka Place, Annex, Block, Singapore 218227


10. SmileTutor Home Tuition Agency

4.7 from 1242 Reviews

SmileTutor is a leading home tuition agency in Singapore, offering services that are 100% free. They provide tutors to teach at students homes, and pride themselves on their professionalism and expertise. Some of the services offered by SmileTutors include: - Home tuition for parents and students - Professional and expert tutors - Free services for parents and students - Streamlined search for top home tuition agencies in Singapore, such as SmileTutor.

SmileTutor in Singapore receives positive reviews for their fast response in matching tutors with students, leading to improved grades. However, some reviewers mention a lack of transparency in fees and commission. Overall, SmileTutor is recommended for their effective tutoring services, but customers caution about potential hidden costs.

21 Bukit Batok Cres, #22-76, Singapore 658065

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