Navalayo Osembo

Navalayo Osembo

As a social entrepreneur, humanitarian worker, lawyer, accountant, mentor, and runner-in-training, Navalayo's diverse skill set and unwavering dedication have positioned her as a driving force for positive change.

With a strong background in planning, reporting, and risk management, Navalayo has honed her expertise in various areas, including the development and implementation of risk management frameworks, risk-based internal audits, and project management.

Navalayo's true passion, however, lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship and athletics. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Enda Athletic, she is on a mission to bring Kenyan athletic greatness to runners around the world. Enda Athletic is revolutionizing the running shoe industry by producing the first made-in-Kenya performance running shoes. These shoes embody the spirit of running that is deeply rooted in Kenyan culture, drawing inspiration from the world-renowned expertise and skills of Kenyan athletes.

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