All Konigle features

You can build SEO-friendly Link In Bio Style Websites with Konigle.

Set up a Blog & Newsletter

Set up a blog & newsletter quickly with the help of AI tools available on Konigle.

Create a Website for your Business

Creating a business website is easy when built with Konigle's user-friendly and zero-coding website builder.

Sell via an eCommerce Website

Konigle enables you to sell via an eCommerce website using our commerce tools available on the platform.

Manage multiple websites within a single system

Manage multiple sites with a single Content Management System (CMS) when you use Konigle.

Email & SMS campaign marketing

Launching an email or SMS marketing campaign does not require an external plugin or application for websites built with Konigle.

Built-in Website Plugins

There is no need for installation of external plugins for websites built with Konigle.

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