What's New

We are constantly improving our products and services. Here are some of the latest updates and new features.

  • Gallery Component

    Gallery Component

    The Gallery Component is available on the component builder and is waiting to be added to your websites!

  • FAQ Component

    FAQ Component

    The ability to add FAQs to a website on Konigle is now live.

  • Logo Cloud Component

    Logo Cloud Component

    Introducing a new addition to Konigle's component builder: the Logo Cloud component.

  • Website Migration Plugin

    Website Migration Plugin

    The ability to migrate any website to Konigle while keeping the original design intact is live.

  • Custom HTML Pages

    Custom HTML Pages

    Introducing the ability to create custom HTML pages on Konigle.

  • Border Roundings

    Border Roundings

    Newly added design feature on Konigle: the ability to add border roundings for buttons and other elements.

  • Custom HTML Component

    Custom HTML Component

    Konigle sites can now design custom website components using the HTML component.

  • Customer Profiles

    Customer Profiles

    Customer profiles can now be edited on websites built with Konigle.