Ngan Pham

Ngan Pham

Ngan is currently serving as a senior growth manager at Anchanto Vietnam. 

With over 9 years of experience in developing high-performing sales volumes and spearheading digital transformation initiatives, Ngân has made a significant impact in helping her customers achieve business success. Her expertise lies not only in identifying and implementing data-driven strategies but also in fostering genuine relationships that enhance customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Ngân's journey in the industry has been marked by diverse experiences in several international companies, where she honed her skills in consulting and customer service across various sectors, including education, IT, and the digital industry. Her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience have equipped her with a deep understanding of the intricacies of these domains.

Serving as an active business developer in the IT industry, Ngân excels in managing relationships with top-tier C-level clients across multiple industries. Her ability to navigate and build strong connections with key stakeholders has been instrumental in driving success and achieving remarkable results.

Ngân's people-oriented philosophy fosters a belief in the power of teamwork and sustainability. Her commitment to collaboration and nurturing talent has consistently proven to be a catalyst for growth and excellence. Through her unique perspective and practical approach, Ngân has successfully facilitated customer growth in emerging markets, provided invaluable sales consulting, and implemented scalable business systems.

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