Ross Brenner (Profitrust)

Ross Brenner (Profitrust)

Ross Brenner is the Senior Vice President at ProfiTrust. He is the managing partner of the NYC and Long Island offices and oversees ProfiTrust’s entire logistics division.

At ProfiTrust, their technology ensures that your business is paying the lowest possible rates for shipping. No carrier changes, no vendor changes, no system changes, the only change is that you'll pay less for the same service.

It is estimated that shippers lose 3-10% of their total UPS/FedEx/DHL spending by not claiming refunds due to them. On top of that, most UPS/FedEx /DHL contracts are not optimized, costing shippers an extra 30-50%. This is why ProfiTrust technology was created. They help thousands of clients save millions of dollars annually.

And, because their model is strictly contingent, they only earn fees only if they save you money. No savings for you, no fees for them, period.

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