"Checkout with Shopee" Button Click-Event Tracking

Now Shopee sellers with a Konigle website can know how many people are clicking the "Checkout with Shopee" buttons on their product pages.

"Checkout with Shopee" Button Click-Event Tracking

Having click-event tracking for your product listings is crucial for understanding your users' behaviour and optimising your e-commerce website. Introducing the Clicks Event tracking for our buttons feature.

There are multiple benefits to be reaped from this feature:

  1. Understand User Interest: Track which of your products are getting clicked the most, revealing what truly interests your audience. This data can guide product development, marketing campaigns, and website placement decisions.
  2. Identify Dead Ends: Discover product listings with low click rates, indicating potential issues with product descriptions, images, pricing, or placement. Improve these listings to capture more interest and drive conversions or remove them if there just isn't a demand for them!
  3. Gain More Profits: A very important aspect for most eCommerce businesses. By tracking how users click through product listings to ultimately make purchases, you can now identify bottlenecks in the conversion process and adjust your website layout, promotions, or checkout experience to make it smoother.

Shopee sellers, start tracking your product CTR today with Konigle!

P.s. A detailed analytics dashboard on click event tracking will be provided in the future, stay tuned!