Location and Gmaps components

The ability to add a location / Google Maps onto your website has been made available for Konigle websites.

Location and Gmaps components

The team at Konigle are proud to release the all-new Google Maps & Location Components, designed to seamlessly integrate Google Maps functionality directly onto your website.

  • Location - allows you to embed a map
  • Google map - allows you to add a rich map to the website. You can specify the place and its reviews to show alongside the marker. This provides a view similar to the Google map app.
How the components will look like live on your website
How the components will look like live on your website

These components benefit your business:

  • Boost User Engagement: Visually display your business's physical location with an interactive map, increasing user understanding and trust.
  • Drive Traffic and Leads: Simplify navigation for visitors by allowing them to get directions directly from your website, potentially leading to increased foot traffic or conversions.
  • Enhance Brand Credibility: A professional map presence adds a layer of legitimacy and professionalism to your online brand identity.

Use Case Examples

  • Restaurants and Retail Stores: Guide hungry customers or eager shoppers right to your doorstep with a clear map integration.
  • Event Venues and Conference Centers: Help attendees navigate to your event location effortlessly.
  • Hotels and Tourist Attractions: Visually display your location alongside captivating imagery to entice travelers.