Page Pruner Plugin

Revitalise your website and boost your online presence with the new Page Pruner Plugin.

Page Pruner Plugin

Like a gardener clearing overgrown branches, this plugin on Konigle empowers you to remove outdated, underperforming, or irrelevant pages in bulk, leading to a leaner, healthier website.

Why is content pruning important?

Here are 2 reasons why content pruning is essential for your website:

  1. Websites have a crawl budget so you always want your best pages to be crawled.
  2. It gives a signal to search engines that you are actively working on your site resulting in more link juice being passed on to performing pages hence increasing website traffic.

What content should be pruned?

Unsure of what content needs to be pruned? Here are some use cases for this plugin:

  1. Pages with spammy backlinks
  2. Non-performing pages based on various logics such as low traffic, page rank, page loading speed, etc.