Website Background and Font Colour

Konigle users can change the background and default font colour on their website to match their brand.

Website Background and Font Colour

Background colour plays a surprisingly crucial role in shaping the user experience and overall effectiveness of your website. It's more than just a cosmetic choice; it can influence everything from readability and accessibility to mood and brand perception.

We recognise the importance of that and hence have released a new feature - customising your site's background and font colour that aligns with your brand identity.

You can now set the mood and tone of your site. As colours evoke emotions, different colours have different psychological associations. Additionally, consistent use of colour can become synonymous with your brand, promoting recognition and building a cohesive visual identity. 

Just think of brands like Coca-Cola and Tiffany & Co., what colours do you visualise? You can start creating your very own brand colour as well via site settings. Try it today!