Competitor Price Tracking

Improve your profit margins by tracking your competitor prices with ease.

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Track Competitor Prices

Automatically track competitor prices multiple times a day

Get Alerts

Get alerts when you are over priced or under priced

Find competitors

Search for competitor products on marketplaces with ease.

About Competitor Price Monitoring & Tracking

One of the most important aspects of running an e-commerce store is to be price competitive. Consumers search products before buying and knowing how your competitors are pricing your products is vital to improve profit margins and grow sales.

Konigle's competitor price tracking makes it super easy to track your competitor price movements in a reliable and efficient way helping you price your product optimised for profits.

Competitor Price Tracking

Automatic Price Checking

Once you map your products and competitors, Konigle will check for price changes of your competitors multiple times a day and alert you if you are overpriced or underpriced

Find Competitor Products

Search for competitor products with keywords Competitor Product Finder and start tracking them after reviewing.

Dynamic Pricing

Set rules to automate price changes or use the Konigle Price Editorto quickly update prices after reviewing.

Monitor Stock levels

Track stock levels of competitors and automatically update prices when competitor goes out of stock.

MAP Monitoring

Monitor your resellers for MAP violations and maintain your pricing image.

Update products in bulk

Quickly update over priced or underpriced products in bulk.

Implement Charm Pricing (99 pricing)

Implement charm pricing with a click, by rounding off the price to the nearest .99 cents

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