Sellers can optimize their online presence by allowing customers to book their services online. Take this Konigle website example, for instance, created for an ethical pet grooming salon to announce all the treatments they provide and encourage visitors to book an appointment right away.

Design Goals:

  • Create a visually appealing website with an atmosphere for pet owners.
  • Clearly showcase the range of services offered by Pawlished Fur.
  • Highlight ongoing promotions and special offers.

Design Principles:

  • Peach Fuzz: The website utilizes a soft peach color palette, which is Pantones Color of the Year 2024 - perfect for a pet-related business. Accents of light brown make the website more appealing.
  • Imagery: High-quality photographs will be used throughout the website. Images will showcase happy, pampered pets receiving various grooming services in a stylish setting.
  • Typography: A clean, modern typeface for headings and body text will create a balance between professionalism and friendliness. Which is why we chose the easy-to-read Open Sans as the font which runs throughout the website.
  • Service Spotlight: A dedicated section showcases the various grooming services offered, including details about each package and its benefits. 
  • Promotional Pop: A designated area prominently displays any ongoing promotions or special offers.