Happy New Year

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Looking forward to the upcoming year and how to be conscious of a mindset that helps us do our best work in the coming year.

2022 has been a strange year.

  1. The Pandemic has became somewhat endemic, with life normalising in most parts of the world, but the pandemic persists and the world is still worried about the next wave.
  2. Inflation has been touching new highs, everything has been more expensive than it has ever been but the world is still worried things can get more expensive.
  3. The western economy seems to be in a bad shape but the world is still worried the worst of the recession is yet to come.
  4. More people are on social media platforms exchanging views, making these platforms avenues of constructive debate and collaboration but the world is still worried that these platforms are actually doing more harm than good.
  5. This year AI seems to have graduated to become more accessible than it has ever been with products like ChatGPT, that have potential of making humans super productive but the world is still worried with the fear of Artificial Intelligence taking their livelihoods.

All of this and more, while we have a war going on in Ukraine for 300+ days, with innocent humans suffering due to hubris of a few. With nuclear powered countries involved and a war that could have been so much more worse than it has been.

There are so many things we see around us that we can be thankful for than the previous year but we are still worried about what's next. We are more anxious than we have ever been as a civilisation.

Anxiety is the fear of the unknown, also called xenophobia. This anxiety is crippling. It makes us humans lose our greatest superpower - the ability to live in the present. Living in the present helps us avoid two biggest mistakes we make as human beings.

  1. Be overly pessimistic about the future, if something bad happens to us or to the people we care about.
  2. Be overly optimistic about the future, if something good happens to us.

Both of the above are detrimental to our ability to live in the present and lead a fulfilling life, moving us further away from building the future that we desire. 

At Konigle, we believe the best way we can collectively make the world better is to have a mindset of abundance, be curious and have deep empathy for our fellow humans. These are also our values. We believe these values can help anyone to live in the present and lead an unworried life, a life free from the fear of the unknown. Hope these values also help you the reader , live an unworried life in spite of the uncertainties life may throw at you this year and beyond.

We wish everyone an unworried life in 2023. 

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