Scaling a business

Ashish Kumar

5 min read

The difference between growth vs. scale in a business and how to apply scaling techniques to your online store.

Although often confused, Growing a business is not the same as Scaling a business. Growth refers to increasing revenue, hiring more employees etc. A growing business may also be making losses etc. While Scaling  on the other hand, means running a business such that you are growing revenue at a faster rate than adding costs, which is growing efficiently or profitable growth. If a business is growing without scaling, both the profit margins and customer experience suffers.

Growing your online store profitably  is driven by consistency in applying growth tactics without needing to spend a lot of money on tools and hiring many employees. Konigle's collection of seller tools help automate profitable growth tactics to drive profitable growth for online stores.


Ashish Kumar

Co-founder at Konigle and an accomplished cook.

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