Scott Larsen : From first customer to Chief Evangelist

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Konigle's first customer is now our Chief Evangelist

Scott Larsen is now officially our Chief Evangelist
Scott Larsen is now officially our Chief Evangelist

The founding team at Konigle Ashish, Gopal and me, started out in earnest looking to build a product that helps SMBs improve their profits in middle of 2019. Scott was my wife's triathlon coach who ran a 7 figure online business, and was introduced to us via my wife. 

I still remember meeting him in his warehouse, with a very old intel celeron desktop, that was being operated by his part time staff. As I navigated, through the maze of racks with goods that he sold on his online websites, I saw first hand what a typical SMB selling goods looks like. 

When we told him that we wanted to help increase his profit margins , he immediately decided to be our customer #1, and asked for a payment link to pay up. Since, then he stayed our customer even though we iterated our product throughout. He took out time to give us feedback, shared why every iteration of our product until late last year was not useful.

For Konigle it has been a tumultuous journey, to reach where we are today, and Scott after seeing our latest iteration around November 2021, finally said : ' You guys now get it, you have something that is truly helpful,  every online seller should use you. Your 'click and forget' seller tools save me time and help me make more money. This is all what every online seller wants.'

Since that day in November '21, Scott has regularly dropped by our office, sent feedback over email and WhatsApp and brainstormed with me how even more online merchants can get the Konigle advantage.
He now uses Konigle on 3 of his stores that Konigle supports and uses every new seller tool we roll out.
The Konigle product has gotten better thanks to his honest feedback. 

He is a big fan of how fast we ship and our authenticity to our mission of making e-commerce work for every online seller by improving the seller's  profit margins, with easy to use click and forget tools.

We are absolutely delighted to make his evangelism of Konigle official and welcome the voice of the seller as an integral part of our team.

Welcome Scott, full send !🚀 

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