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shopee seller tools

Must have shopee seller assistant that can help you scale your shopee business. Read the story of a six figure seller using Konigle here.

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Seller tools for shopee sellers to improve margins

"Konigle has helped me automate alot of tasks that I used to do manually.It has also helped me to do things that can’t even be done even if I hired full-time staff. Konigle is the reason behind my 6 figure income shopee store and I am a big fan of Konigle."

Shopee Seller

"I run 5 stores on Shopee and use Konigle for each of them. In a short time I have seen views on my products increase and now I am using other features to improve my sales. Konigle is superb and I love it."

Thiam Lai
Shopee Seller

auto boost products

Boost as many products as you want. No need to manually boost product every 4 hours. Get view and sales count of products being boosted.

No need to boost products manually. Select products and Konigle will boost them automatically for you. Quickly find products to boost by views or sales.

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shopee product auto boost

shopee product research tool

product research tool

Find new products by sell. With Konigle's product research tool, quickly search trending products in any Shopee country for any keyword.

With powerful filters, shortlist products by sub categories and ratings. Get a summary on price range of the products, out of stock items, branded items or shopee verified items.

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product trend monitoring

Track everything about a competitor product. Track as many products as you want. Analyse 30 day trends.

One click product monitoring, Track changes in variants introduced, Lifetime sales, Stock movement, Product views, Likes, Rating and product reviews.

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product trend monitoring

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competitor price tracking

Stay price competitive to your competitors. Track upto 3 competitors for every product.

Konigle automatically checks for price changes many times a day. Get email alerts for competitor price changes. Set dynamic price rule changes and get all products that are under priced or over priced with respect to your competitors.

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smart stock management

Never run out of inventory or overstock. Lock Inventory of store for more product views

One click product stock lock, add stock to your store and set prices in one go, auto generate purchase orders. Forecast product demand and get stock status alerts.

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shopee stock management

Shopee Keyword Research Tool

keyword research tool

Bid on the right keywords & increase ROI, find best keywords for your niche, track trends and more.

Konigle automatically helps you track keyword trends, price ranges, number of ads running, aggregates on views, aggregates on sales and trends.

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What's included

  • Product Research tool

  • Product trend Monitoring

  • Competitor Price Tracking

  • Smart Stock Management