Favicon are now available for websites built on Konigle.


Benefits of adding a Favicon

There are several benefits to adding a favicon to your website.

1. Improved User Experience (UX)

Favicons make it easier for users to navigate between tabs and find your website among others. With a quick visual cue, users can instantly recognise your site instead of reading through all the opened tabs. This saves them time and frustration, especially if they have many tabs open at once.

2. Enhanced Brand Recognition

A favicon acts like a miniature logo, subtly reinforcing your brand identity every time a user sees it. If your favicon is well-designed and consistent with your overall branding, it can leave a lasting impression and make your website more recognisable.

3. Increased Bookmark Visibility

Many users bookmark their favourite websites for easy access later. When a website has a favicon, it shows up alongside the bookmarked title. This can make your site stand out in a list of bookmarks and encourage users to revisit it.

4. Potential SEO Boost

While not a direct ranking factor, some believe favicons can contribute to SEO in a few ways. A well-maintained website with a favicon might be perceived as more professional and trustworthy by search engines, which could give it a slight ranking edge. Additionally, if users find your site easier to navigate and revisit due to the favicon, it could lead to better user engagement metrics, which some search engines consider in their rankings.

Overall, a favicon is a small detail that can significantly improve your website's usability, brand recognition, and potentially even SEO. We recognise the benefits it brings hence, this feature was introduced to Konigle websites!