JSON-LD Schema Generator Plugin

The JSON-LD Schema Generator Plugin is released for all Konigle users. There is a public tool and a paid version, check them out!

JSON-LD Schema Generator Plugin

Adding a JSON-LD schema to your website is important in telling search engines like Google what the page is about which results in your website appearing in more relevant search results, leading to higher CLick-Through Rates (CTR).

However for those who are not SEO experts, understanding and implementing a JSON-LD schema can be confusing and difficult. Konigle is here to fix that pain point for you, with the JSON-LD Schema Generator plugin. Just select the schema you require based on the type of content you're trying to create, then edit each field to tailor the schema for your site.

Then copy and paste the generated schema onto the selected article and voila you have successfully added a JSON-LD Schema without any prior in-depth knowledge of how it works!

Try out the free public tool here.