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Ashish Kumar

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Why selling Hello Kitty themed products on your store can be profitable.

We explore the Hello Kitty phenomenon in this edition of winning products

Hello Kitty is a popular Japanese character that has been around since the 1970s. She was created by the Sanrio company and is known for her cute and friendly appearance, with a pink bow on her head and no visible mouth.

The character was designed by designer Yuko Shimizu and was originally intended to be a simple design for a vinyl coin purse. However, the character became popular and Sanrio began producing a wide range of Hello Kitty merchandise, including dolls, clothes, and other products.

Hello Kitty's real name is Kitty White. She was created by the Sanrio company in Japan and made her debut in 1974. Making Hello Kitty almost 48 years old.

Hello Kitty has been a successful business for the Sanrio company, which owns the rights to the character. The character has been widely licensed for use on a variety of products, including clothing, toys, and other consumer goods. This has helped to make Hello Kitty a household name and has contributed to the company's success.

In addition to licensing the character for use on other products, Sanrio also produces its own line of Hello Kitty products, including dolls, accessories, and other items. The company has also opened several Hello Kitty-themed stores around the world, which sell a wide range of Hello Kitty merchandise.

Hello Kitty has become a cultural icon and has been featured in television shows, movies, and other media. The character has also been used in marketing campaigns for various brands and has appeared in advertisements for products such as cellphones and automobiles.

Hello Kitty themed products and related monetizable searches have a huge increasing search volume, demonstrating interest in hello kitty themed products. 

For example, approximately 2.7 million searches are made every month for the words hello kitty on Google of which more than a half a million are in the United States alone. 

Here's an estimated search volume for some Hello Kitty themed products, which can be some good products for you to sell on your online store :

  1. Hello Kitty wallpaper - 165k searches/month
  2. Hello Kitty case - 74k searches/month
  3. Hello Kitty Squishmallow - 60,500 searches/month
  4. Hello Kitty cake  - 40,500 searches/month
  5. Hello Kitty mirror - 22,200 searches/month
  6. Hello Kitty condoms - 14, 800 searches/month
  7. Hello Kitty poster - 6,600 searches/month
  8. Hello Kitty vanity mirror - 5,400 searches/month
  9. Hello Kitty rice cooker - 4,400 searches/month
  10. Hello Kitty suitcase - 4,400 searches/month

There you have it, selling hello kitty themed products can be a great way to generate profitable sales on your online store, owing to the huge organic demand for such products. Helping you save money on paid advertising. 


Ashish Kumar

Co-founder at Konigle and an accomplished cook.

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