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Why the Lampang Rooster bowl is a winning product.

If you visit Southeast Asia, you would find bowls and other crockery with a rooster motif as a common sight in most eateries and homes. How did a bowl with a rooster on it become such an icon and a commercial success in one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets of the world. Let's learn more in this article.

In many Southeast Asian cultures, the rooster is a symbol of masculinity, strength, and courage. In some traditions, the rooster is also associated with the sun and with the beginning of a new day. In Vietnam, for example, the rooster is seen as a symbol of vigilance and is believed to be able to ward off evil spirits. In Hindu mythology, the rooster is associated with the god Murugan, who is seen as the protector of truth and justice.

In the context of bowl design, rooster motifs may be used to convey these cultural associations or to add a decorative touch to a functional object. Rooster bowl designs may be found in a variety of Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In some cases, these designs may be based on traditional motifs and patterns, while in others they may be more modern in style.

The rooster bowls originated from China. The Hakka community from Thailand were the first to manufacture a standardised version of the rooster bowl that consisted of a rooster, banana tree and a peony flower to signify a common Chinese saying “花开富贵”, meaning blossom with richness or prosperity.  Apart from the cultural significance, these bowls were durable and hence, ended up being widely bought by households to serve everything from soups to alcohol.

With a strong cultural significance, selling rooster motif crockery can be a profitable business indeed. With an estimated search volume of 60,500 searches/month there indeed is latent demand to capture. 

Here's an estimated search volume for some Rooster themed products, which can be good products to sell on an online store :

  1. Lampang Rooster Bowl - 60,500 searches/month
  2. Vintage Rooster Bowl - 480 searches/month
  3. Rooster bowl set - 110 searches/month

There you have it, selling rooster themed products can be a great way to capture a profitable niche for an online store.

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