Learn from Thiam Lai, online seller in Singapore running 5 shopee stores

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Learn from Thiam Lai, online seller since 2018 in Singapore running 5 shopee stores. He shares his tips and tricks on what helps you become successful on Shopee.

Meet Thiam Lai, an online entrepreneur who runs 5 stores on Shopee. He sells on other platforms such as Lazada as well. He has been an online seller for 3 years now. With his vast experience being a successful Shopee seller, He is now starting a Fulfillment service called WeStoreWePack dedicated to serve shopee sellers. 

He is a power user of Konigle and I am happy to speak to him about his experience as an online seller, learn about his techniques for being successful, and how Konigle is helping him scale his business.

Me : Hey there, thanks for taking out time to speak to us about your journey as an online entrepreneur. Can you share about when and why you started selling online ?

Thiam Lai : I started an online business back in late 2018, I was really thinking of earning extra income as well as to explore new opportunities. 

Me: What according to you are the most important factors for being successful in marketplaces like Shopee ? 

Thiam Lai: The very important factors are the traffic earned on the marketplaces platform. Besides, we also need to have a good understanding of the products and our competitors. In order for me to earn the traffic, I will first need to understand the buyer behaviour and what are the good keywords for me to bid for to earn the traffic. As for us to ensure that we stay competitive in the market against our competitors, I use the konigle system to track my competitors performance as well their reviews. This is good for me to understand my competitor as well as the market direction and condition.

Me: You are a power user of Konigle, in fact your usage of Konigle is among the top 10% of our users. What is it that you find so useful about Konigle ?

Thiam LaiKonigle Shopee Seller Tools  is a very powerful tool whereby it allows us to track our competitors in detail which includes information like buyer views, ratings, sales etc. Besides, it also allows for clarification and information on the common keyword which buyers are searching. In the keyword searching summary table, it gives very useful insight like the market size, sales and conversion which eventually speaks a lot about it. On top of that, Konigle also provides intelligent auto boosting which helps to earn more traffic to the store.

Me: You have shared with us that you would like every serious shopee seller to use Konigle and recommend it to sellers using your 3PL service as well. Tell us more about your 3PL service and how it can help Shopee Sellers ?

Thiam Lai: The idea of our fulfilment services is to help e-commerce sellers grow because we are taking away the manual work like inbound inventory, pack and delivery services, return orders management as well as the inventory control. With this, the sellers will be able to spend more time to focus on understanding the market, keywords, products and their competitors. And all these required quite a fair bit of effort and time. Nonetheless, with konigle, the sellers can save even more time and grow faster. With both the Konigle automated system and our fulfilment services to offload the manual work, we believe the sellers can focus growing their topline and profitability.

Me: Let's do a quick NPS Survey for Konigle with you ? On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being higher how likely are you to recommend Konigle to a Shopee Seller ?

Me: Thanks Thiam Lai, for your time. More power to you and all Shopee Entrepreneurs. We hope to serve all of you.

Thiam Lai: Thanks

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