URL Redirects

Konigle users can now add URL redirects to Konigle sites

URL Redirects

In SEO-focused websites, constant changes are made to improve the website structure for better SEO and overall usability, leading to frequent URL renaming and pruning.

Use Cases

Scenario 1

Articles at the website root may have started ranking and may have certain backlinks that if not redirected properly, would break. Hence, the team at Konigle recognise the importance of handling this with a redirect.

An example is that when we started, we had our compare-at-price article as konigle.com/compare-at-price-shopify, but over time we moved to konigle.com/blog/compare-at-price-shopify with a 301 redirect.

Scenario 2

When migrating your site to Konigle, it may have a certain URL structure which isn't good and you may want to improve on it whilst also keeping the pre-existing backlinks. This is where a redirect saves the day!

Now you do not have to worry about losing any progress made on your previous site when starting afresh on your better website built with Konigle. Try it today.