How to bold in discord?

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Quick productivity tips for Discord.

Here is a quick guide to bold text easily in Discord.

Though not apparent, bolding words is not that difficult in Discord. Discord uses simplified Markdown.

To bold text, all we need to do is just put the text between two pairs of asterisks and press enter, like below

How to bold text in discord ?

Most common formatting options in Discord

For Italics , put text between single pair of italics, for example, *italics*

For bold , put text between two pair of astericks, for example, **bold**

For strikethrough , put text between two pair of tildes, for example, ~~strikethrough~~

For underline , put text between two pair of underscores, for example, __underline__

For a detailed overview on formatting content on Discord, review Discord's Markdown Text 101

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The Konigle Team

The Konigle Team

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