What's new in Konigle: Jun 2024

Wen Lin Poh

7 min read

Here's a summary of newly released features on Konigle in June 2024.

Get ready to enhance your website! We're thrilled to share the roundup of the latest website component features we released in June. From engaging ways to showcase your product's functionalities to powerful tools for boosting SEO and lead generation, we've got something to elevate every website. Let's dive into the exciting new additions that will help you create a website that converts!

Here's what was added in June:

  • Tabbed Rich Text Component
  • Reviews Component
  • Tabbed Highlights Component
  • Features - Scrolling Component

This new component allows you to create content sections with tabs, which can improve navigation and SEO on your website. By using tabs, you can organize your content into logical sections, making it easier for visitors to find the information they're looking for.

Konigle now offers a Reviews Component, which allows websites to display customer reviews. This can be a powerful tool for building trust and credibility with potential customers. The Reviews Component also includes star ratings and verified reviewer badges to increase the impact of the reviews.

The 'Tabbed Highlights' component enables you to give your visitors a quick overview of your capabilities and highlight the key features that set your product apart. The tabbed function also reduces clutter on your website and makes it less overwhelming for your visitors.

The 'Features - Scrolling' component allows visitors to navigate through your offerings via a side scroll instead of the default vertical scroll. Each feature card is also expandable to show an informative overview of the offering while still being optimised for all devices.

That is all of the newly introduced components we have on Konigle for June. We hope you find this round-up beneficial, and we will be back again for more updates.

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Wen Lin Poh

Wen Lin is passionate about helping people build businesses to become financially independent. A pro volleyball player and solo traveller , she can speak Mandarin, English and Spanish.

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