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Ghanshyam Jadhav

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This blog post offers top tips for obtaining Google AdSense approval quickly. It also suggests the best locations to place your ads for increased revenue.

Welcome to our friendly guide to Google Adsense Approval! We're excited to share some handy tips to spruce up your website and boost your ad performance. Whether it's finding the perfect spots for ads or figuring out where to sprinkle in unique content, we're here to help you out! So, before you hit that apply button for your Google Adsense account, let's jump right in and learn together, shall we?

Google AdSense is a program that helps website owners like you generate some income, simply by displaying relevant ads on your site. These ads are masterfully matched to your website's content and its visitors - boosting the chances of them being clicked on.

The best part? AdSense does all the heavy lifting, from selecting the right ads for your site, delivering them smoothly, and even keeping track of the clicks. And when those clicks happen, you'll be seeing some earnings roll in. How cool is that?

Google Adsense doesn't officially say you need a certain amount of traffic to get approved. That said, there are a few things related to traffic that could affect your chances of getting the thumbs up. Here are the official requirements from Google for Adsense approval:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Own and control the website
  • Offer unique and valuable content
  • Adhere to Google's content policies This means refraining from copyright infringement, hate speech, and malware.
  • Provide a positive user experience This involves maintaining a clear and user-friendly navigation system, and avoiding disruptive or misleading advertisements.

Getting your AdSense application approved is a piece of cake if you have a lovely website that ticks all of Google's policy boxes. They're all about original content, respecting copyright laws, and ensuring users have a great time on your site!

While there isn't a specific checklist that guarantees approval, here are some general guidelines and tips:

1. Your site should be easy to navigate

Categories aid users in finding what they need. Therefore, ensure each of your articles is assigned to a specific category.

2. Your domain name should be at least 6 months old

However, I have observed a one-month-old domain being accepted by Google AdSense.

3. Your site should not have scraped content

Ensure you aren't duplicating content from any other websites.

Aim to create comprehensive articles that are over 500 words in length.

4. Always write unique content

To avoid unintentional plagiarism, consider using plagiarism checker tools such as SmallSEOTools. These tools can help identify any plagiarized content on your site.

5. Your site should have at least 25 articles

Google may reject application if it lacks valuable content. Therefore, it's advisable to write at least 25 articles before applying for review. Having at least 15 to 20 articles can sometimes also lead to approval.

Tip: At least 15 to 20 articles should fall under the same category.

6. Your site should have the below pages

  • privacy policy page
  • about us page
  • contact us page
  • Terms and conditions

7. Published regularly.

Ensure you have published a substantial amount of content before applying. Keep your blog updated regularly to show that it's active. Follow these instructions for at least the first 15 days.

1. Below the nav bar big horizontal (All pages)

2. Come from the bottom popup (or fix ads)

3. Below H1 Tag

4. In between Content

5. In between internal links

By following these friendly suggestions, you can give your website's Adsense performance a nice boost and see your revenue grow. Don't forget, that keeping your content fresh and high-quality is your secret recipe for success with Google Adsense. 


Ghanshyam Jadhav

Content Writing

Ghanshyam has experience running blogs and making money online using AdSense and affiliate marketing. When he is not writing, he likes to travel and hike to spiritual places.

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