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Sporting goods retailer changes name to nolhtaceD, reverse of Decathlon and there's a reason. Here's why.

According to a report in the Brussel Times and the belgium Instagram account of 46 year old French sporting goods retailer Decathlon, it has changed its name in 3 cities in Belgium, Namur, Evere and Ghent to nolhtaceD, which is Decathlon spelt in reverse.

This name change will be in effect for a month to raise awareness towards the concept of - Reverse Shopping. Decathlon will enable to customers resell their old or unused sporting goods to the store where the items can be repaired and resold under warranty. Decathlon says this move will "promote more environmentally-friendly practices" and further the Decathlon mission  to sustainably bring the power of sport to everyone, everywhere.

According to Decathlon - "The objective is to reuse as much equipment as possible in order to reduce the impact on our environment and avoid waste. Decathlon's second-hand offer also allows less fortunate consumers to buy quality sports equipment at lower prices,"

 The campaign aims to let people resell their items and be paid through Decathlon purchase vouchers, even if their items are not from the company's brand.  The vouchers are valid for 2 years and can be spent on new equipment or other second-hand items except swimwear, underwear, socks and helmets.

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The Konigle Team

The Konigle Team

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