Four Thousand Weeks

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What is 4000 weeks and how to make them count ?

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman is a book that highlights how humans miss the forest for the woods, by focusing on things in life that aren't impactful. 

The average human life is 4000 weeks or 96000 hours. Your time on work should be spent on things that have the most impact on your life. Spending time doing mundane work robs you of the opportunity to run an exceptional business and lead a fulfilling life. In spite of fact that we may train ourselves to become more efficient at doing tasks. All we do is move from task to task.

We focus on the how rather than why, this is the reason why as a solopreneur or a small company we try to wear multiple hats and hence spend most of the time performing tasks - essentially work in the business rather than on it and as  no one can be really good at a lot of things in one life time and hence, small business end up never coming out of this vicious circle of needing to grow profitably but not having the time bandwidth or resources to hire talented and motivated people to help them scale.

But, we live in a different world today. Intelligence, software defined automations and shortcuts can greatly save a lot of your time as an online store. This is exactly what Konigle is doing, building intelligent tools for online stores to achieve more in less time, so that they can focus on working on the business rather than in the business. To make 4000 hours of every human who is involved in online selling free from mundane work.

We have deep empathy for online sellers and want to make sure every growth minded online seller succeeds commerce

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