Happy Thanksgiving 2022

The Konigle Team

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Thanksgiving 2022 greetings from Konigle

For all those celebrating Thanksgiving across the globe, a Very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families from the entire Konigle Team. May you all have a jolly good time and spend quality time with your family. 

For us here at Konigle there is a lot to be thankful about and we would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of our customers in over 60 countries, for giving us the honour and responsibility to serve you over the past year. 

Moreover, we know for most of our customers Thanksgiving and the BFCM is the busiest times of the year and all of you are fighting odds to make sure your promotions are working in time for the holidays and we are proud of our pricing tools inside Konigle that help make it easy and save you all hours by making it easy to run your promotions. We again thank all of you who chose us over the last year to serve you. 

We would also like to thank our believers, our family members and also every one who helped make our life easier in the last year. 

We are also thankful to all those who have helped humanity fight the pandemic and helped restore some sort of semblance. 

Many thanks.

The Konigle Team


The Konigle Team

The Konigle Team

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