The meaning of Konigle

Updated on 27 Jul, 2021 | 3 min read

The meaning of Konigle

What does Konigle mean ?

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The meaning of Konigle

Answer to a very common question asked by a lot of folks, what does Konigle mean ?

A lot of folks ask me the rhetorical question "What does Konigle mean?" and my answer usually revolves around the following.

1. Well, I got the .com so just used it.

2. This is in honor of a dutch scientist

3. Its just a name so we just made it up

So here is the long but funny coincidence of the origin of the name.
I grew up in Zanzibar (Africa) and the language spoken there was - Swahili, Kiswahili ; a similar language to the same is the Xhosa language (made famous by 'The Black Panther' movie). I'm a huge fan of the movie too.
But, what folks are not aware - Konigle is a word in the Xhosa/Swahili language meaning 'now'. Which is losely used for quick, instant etc ; which is where we started from - offering quick analytics to business owners most common questions.
But, if you think deeply about the word now, you would appreciate - the name being more profound.
As conjunction - 'as a consequence of the fact' - which is what we are as a product, Our value is tied to the consequence of the fact (the data point or points).
As adjective - ' up to date' - that's what we look to do - keep the user up to date with what's happening.
Now - as an adverb for our culture - translates to 'at the present time or moment' : which essentially means mindfulness, focus to be in the now and try to do our best work.
Moreover, there are even more connotations of the word 'now', to draw attention, to request, to alert etc etc. In short - now is a powerful word, with many profound uses.
But - when i started looking for a .com and I got it, I liked it , I just bought it and kept. I never thought at that time that there would be a company called Konigle. Also, what I did not know of at the time was that there is a language called Esperanto. In this language - Konigle means 'rabbit' a symbol of prosperity and wealth. This is a complete coincidence, which is essentially what our mission is for our customers. To add $$$$$ for our customer's profit margins.
So, yea a short story on what's the meaning of the word 'Konigle'. It essentially means 'now'. I sincerely hope it keeps inspiring us to be as useful as the word itself and as profound as its meaning for our users - in the 'now'.
Thanks for reading, if you reached here.

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