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Answer to a very common question asked by a lot of folks, what does Konigle mean ?

For as long as I can remember, I have seen a recurring theme around me : a profitable business always leads to lives of owners, employees, vendors and even friends of those associated with the business leading prosperous lives. Lives where the humans do not feel helpless.

This is true when, I was growing up in under developed Zanzibar ( an island off the coast of Africa) as a kid. Most Zanzibaris were poor, but those running profitable businesses were as rich as anyone I knew. In fact my Dad, set up one of the most virtuous business models for the textile plant he was working for to provide every growth minded, hard working woman or man on the island to escape helplessness. More of this in another blog post. 

In my high school days I would see my grand dad help businesses in my hometown in India improve their profits and the people associated with those businesses would have the best of everything they needed. This was also true, when I was working with a field office of UNICEF in India and I would visit under developed villages for field trips, majority of the villagers were poor barring those enterprising business owners, running profitable businesses.

I saw this in the developed world too, when I moved to Singapore in 2018, for Entrepreneur First's third cohort, I ended up befriending a lot of business owners and some of them in spite of having best of software or tools would struggle to make decent profits. In fact even on my flight to Singapore, I had met an online seller, who kept complaining how he made sales but his margins were unpredictable.

So sometime in 2016,  I was super distracted for a week or so, as I would question my work writing software to help UNICEF's efforts to improve lives, the dots had connected so to speak, that I had to do something more fundamental to help make a difference. 

In my vision every business would become profitable and I would write software to help them do so. This software would bring prosperity to the world and as the GDP of the internet increases, my   company would make sure no one is left behind.

So, as happens so many times, I went looking for a domain such that words in various languages to represent a rabbit - symbol for speed and prosperity, both of which are needed to solve helplessness. I think I remember using google translate and Konigle coming up. I liked and bought it. 

When Ashish and I decided to work on helping commerce work for every one by helping every business become profitable and start our entrepreneurial journey at Entrepreneur First, we chose the name Konigle and used the domain

In our journey to solve profitability, Konigle the product has evolved and shall evolve, as the product is the means to achieve our end goal of making every business profitable. 

Thank you,  if you've been curious enough to reach to the end of this blog post. Hope this was a good use of your time.

If  would like to contribute to our mission in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at We need all the help we can get to reach our goal fast.

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