What's new in Konigle: Apr 2024

Wen Lin Poh

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Here's a summary of newly released features on Konigle in April 2024.

Yes, it is once again that time of the month to review all the new features we have added to help you stay on top of things and make sure you know about all the new resources and features available to you.

Here's what you've missed for April:

  • Custom HTML Component
  • Custom HTML Pages
  • Border Roundings
  • Advanced Colours and Shades
  • Location and Gmap components
  • Website Migration Plugin

Users who are well-versed in coding and want the freedom to build more dynamic UIs, we hear you! Even though we take great satisfaction in being a zero-code website builder, we understand that some companies would prefer to have more creative control over their website. Hence, the 'Custom HTML Component' was introduced.

You're now able to create consistent components that can be reused on any part of your website by writing HTML codes with tailwind CSS classes, alpine.js, or jQuery.

Since we're on the topic of custom HTML, the ability to create 'Custom HTML Pages' was also added. Your website's design is now entirely within your control. Similar to the custom HTML component, create pages with customised designs by writing HTML codes with tailwind CSS classes, alpine.js, or jQuery.

Border Roundings might seem like a small update, but you can now design a more elegant and visually appealing user interface (UI) by precisely defining the corner radius of buttons, forms, and input fields—from slightly rounded to fully rounded.

With this newly released 'Advanced Colours & Shades' feature, you can take control of the colours and shades that best define your brand colour. For instance, choosing shades for a colour you have chosen to make your website easier to read is now possible.

With the help of these location-specific components, you can easily incorporate Google Maps functionality into your website. 'Location' allows you to embed a simple map of your business's location, while 'Google Map' provides a highly similar view of the Google Map app, giving you the ability to add a rich map and specify the place and reviews to show

If you're really in love with your current website's design and want to keep it, we have just the solution for you. The 'Website Migration' plugin migrates your entire website by creating HTML pages and folders. However, this also means that you will need to edit HTML code (or have knowledge of HTML coding) in order to modify the migrated pages.

That's a wrap on all the newly introduced features we have on Konigle for April. We hope you find this round-up beneficial, and we will be back again for next month's round up.

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Wen Lin Poh

Wen Lin is passionate about helping people build businesses to become financially independent. A pro volleyball player and solo traveller , she can speak Mandarin, English and Spanish.

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