What's new in Konigle: Feb 2024

Wen Lin Poh

5 min read

Here's a summary of newly released features on Konigle in February 2024.

At Konigle, we are constantly shipping new features to improve your website building experience on our platform. Since things move quickly around here, we’ve put together this round-up of some notable new features aimed at helping you save more time and effort.

Here's what you've missed for the month of February:

  • Bulk Indexer Plugin
  • Page Pruner Plugin
  • Favicon
  • Ability to update Schema of Home Page and other folders
  • JSON-LD Schema Generator Plugin
  • Cookie Consent Widget

Manual submission of URLs to Google Search Console (GSC) is now a thing of the past. Submit up to 200 URLs at once with Konigle’s Bulk Indexer Plugin, also available as a public tool!

Every capable marketer knows the SEO and visibility boost obtained from submitting to GSC and how time-consuming this process can be for huge websites. Save hours of your time now with Konigle. Try it out today!

Stop wasting your website's crawl budget on underperforming content and make sure link juice is passed on to pages that matter. This can be done by removing outdated and non-performing pages in bulk with our Page Pruner Plugin.

Yes, you can now add a favicon to your website! Provide a consistent brand image across your websites and help your customers recognise you better. Learn more about the favicon feature here.

This feature of updating the JSON-LD schema of home pages and folder pages helps for better search rankings. Why is that so? Well, with a schema added, search engines can understand your content better and allow your site to show up on relevant searches, giving you more relevant traffic.

Of course with the ability to update JSON-LD schemas comes the need for a JSON-LD Schema Generator! Here at Konigle, we pride ourselves on being a no-code, SEO-friendly website builder. This means that everyone should be able to build a website, even with little knowledge of SEO and website building.

Creating a JSON-LD schema doesn't have to be confusing and overly technical, just use the JSON-LD Schema Generator plugin found on our platform. Alternatively, a free public tool is available here.

As websites in certain regions require them to inform visitors that data is collected through cookies and explain how they use that data, we have released the Cookie Consent Widget. This enables you to place a cookie consent banner on your website so that visitors can give consent to the cookie collection.

That's a wrap for the feature round-up in February 2024! Interested in learning more about what Konigle has to offer? Sign up here.


Wen Lin Poh

Wen Lin is passionate about helping people build businesses to become financially independent. A pro volleyball player and solo traveller , she can speak Mandarin, English and Spanish.


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