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How to drive traffic to Shopify store?

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Do you find yourself wondering, "How can I get traffic to my Shopify store?" Research shows that the channels that drive the most traffic to Shopify stores are organic, direct, and Facebook ads. Generating more traffic is an important part of any business, as it can increase brand visibility, customer base, and sales.

Here are some ways you can do so:

1. Use SEO

When customers search for your products online, you want your store to be one of the top results, especially since one-third of all clicks go to the first organic result on Google.

A factor that affects SEO is orphan pages as they lead to 2 major problems; Low rankings & Crawl Waste. There are several ways to identify orphan pages but Konigle provides you an effortless solution for fixing orphan pages on your Shopify store and increase your store's discoverability.

The Audit Orphan Pages tool solves all your orphan pages' SEO problems.

2. Content Marketing

Original content such as SEO-friendly blog content (product guides, how-to articles, videos, etc.) that are informative and engaging can organically attract customers to your online store. Your business’ content strategy can include anything that your customers might find relevant or interesting.

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3. Run flash sales and promotions

Use sales as a hook to peak shoppers’ interest and give them an incentive to visit your online store. That could be percentage discounts in the form of flash sales or site-wide sales.

With Konigle's Bulk Price Editor tool , you can easily run a store wide flash sale within minutes.

How to run a flash sale?