Enda Athletic exit intent popup

Enda Athletic exit intent popup

Enda Athletic uses free shipping to capture email addresses in their exit intent popup. This rewards customers, can boost sales, and grow their email list with high intent buyers. Also, they focus on the US, their most valuable consumer market.

A commonly seen exit intent popup tactic is to offer a discount in exchange for an email address. However, Enda is using a less common exit intent popup tactic, here's what they're doing:

Enda uses free shipping to the US as a reward to capture email addresses, in their exit intent pop up.

The State of Digital Report highlights that Free Shipping is the most important factor to consumers when placing an order online. Hence this tactic practiced by Enda is a great example of not only how online stores can improve conversion rates and boost sales but also grow their email lists with high intent buyers.

Last but not least, notice how Enda only provides free shipping to the US? As the US market is their most valuable consumer market in the world, they chose to target and focus on selling in that market.