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“A woman’s wardrobe is her opportunity to stand out and make a lasting first impression.” Here are 8 things to learn from Impressions Online Boutique.

Impressions Online Boutique offers a wide range of apparel to fit any woman’s unique sense of style. Launched in 2012 by Ashley Milliren, while keeping the thought that everyone deserves to feel beautiful in mind.

Brief statistics for according to SEMRush
Brief statistics for according to SEMRush

Feeling inspired by her story? Here are some interesting learning points we have identified that you can adopt and emulate:

On online stores, the "compare at" price is the product's original price that appears on a product listing when it is on sale. Customers will see it crossed out next to the discounted price. This is an effective way to help customers visualise the difference between the current price and the original price, and to show them how much they would be saving.

If you would like to add or edit Compare at prices, the Konigle's Bulk Price Editor tool can help you do it easily.

Here's a video on how to do it:

How to change compare at price on your Shopify store

Stockouts can cause significant financial losses for Shopify stores, making it harder to acquire those sales in the future. To avoid long gaps of stockouts, the first step is to understand the selling patterns of your products and stock up your inventory accordingly. This can be achieved through proper inventory management.

Controlling inventory down to minute details can be challenging, and short gaps of stockouts are unavoidable. During those times, it's crucial to have a system in place to avoid losing sales. The solution? Back in Stock Alerts!

Impressions Online Boutique uses back-in-stock alerts so that interested customers can subscribe to their out of stock products via Email. Customers will be alerted and brought back once a product is back in stock. This is a way to not only boost sales, give customers a positive experience but also grow your subscription list.

Back in stock alert on 
Back in stock alert on 

All these might seem difficult to implement but it can be easily done with Konigle's Inventory Management tool and Back in Stock Alert tool.

Here are some videos on how you can make use of the tools effectively:

Back in Stock Alerts for Shopify
Inventory Management made easy

A wishlist allows shoppers to create personalised collections of products they want to buy and save them in their user account for future reference. It signifies a customer's interest in a product without an immediate intent to purchase.

Wishlists are important to eCommerce stores because they not only improve the customer's shopping experience but also provide strategic value to online retailers. For example, businesses can use wishlists to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and pinpoint which tactics are producing the best results.

Additionally, the wishlist feature can be a great tool to minimise losses due to out of stock products. Simply offer customers the option to save the out of stock product to their wishlist and alert them via email or in-app notification once it is back in stock. Lastly, wishlists are a great way to alert customers about a sale. Informing your customers that items in their wishlist have gone on sale is an excellent tactic to entice them back and convince them to complete the purchase.

Impressions Boutique Online allows shoppers to save an item to their wishlist and even provides the option to share wishlist which is also another way to bring traffic to their site.

Wishlist on Impressions Online Boutique's website
Wishlist on Impressions Online Boutique's website

A niche market is essentially a part of a larger market defined by its unique preferences, needs, and identification. Being able to find a niche market brings about many benefits like less competition, brand loyalty, and higher profit.

Impressions Online Boutique has a Curves (plus-sized) collection that caters to curvy women. A plus-size fashion business is one of the fastest-growing segments in apparel and offers enormous opportunities for future growth.

A reward point program is one of the best ways for businesses to maintain relationships with both new and existing customers. It not only helps to attract new buyers and provide them with strong incentives to return and make repeat purchases, but also ensures that existing loyal customers feel valued and may even be inclined to introduce their family and friends to the business.

Impressions Online Boutique has a VIP reward system that enables customers to earn points on all purchases then make use of the points to redeem rewards.

Impressions Online Boutique has a VIP rewards system in place to incentivise their customers
Impressions Online Boutique has a VIP rewards system in place to incentivise their customers

This is a good way stores can start building brand loyalty, want to follow? Do so by rewarding your loyal customers when you create customer based price rules with Konigle's Customer Based Pricing tool!

Find out how you can do it here.

Pop-ups if done wrongly can be disruptive to customers. However, if done right can help expand subscriber list and increase revenue. Impressions Online Boutique offers a discount coupon in exchange for an email. This gives visitor an incentive to be subscribed to their marketing campaign and contribute to brand loyalty.

A pop-up appears when visitors enter the page
A pop-up appears when visitors enter the page

Shop the look is a product page upsell, where you use the presented outfit to pitch other pieces of clothing. It’s a great way to cross-sell more products especially in the fashion industry where some consumers might struggle with formulating outfit ideas.If sSho

Shoppers can easily steal the model's outfit for themselves with this pop-up
Shoppers can easily steal the model's outfit for themselves with this pop-up

A major consideration that causes online buyers to be hesitant when purchasing clothing online is not knowing the dimensions, fabric and cutting of the product. A way that e-commerce stores can use to overcome that barrier is by offering a no questions asked free return policy over a short period of time post purchase.

Having said that, a return policy on it's own to improve conversions simply isn't enough. Impressions Online Boutique adds measurement charts for their products so that interested buyers can have a better visualisation of how the clothing would look like on themselves. This in turn helps reduce the need to raise a return requests and hence improve overall profit margins.


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