Asics Blog

Asics Blog

Product-led SEO is a powerful content strategy that focuses on creating content to attract organic traffic. It involves taking a customer-centric approach by highlighting how products can solve customer pain points, and improving conversion.

Product-led SEO is one of the highest-impact content marketing for e-commerce that focuses on creating content and optimizing your product to attract organic traffic. Taking a customer-centric approach by explaining how your product can address a customer’s pain point helps build trust and improves conversion. Useful content showcasing your product is one of the more realistic ways for new brands to drive organic traffic to their sites and grow.

Asics has a blog that publishes lifestyle and fitness content. When readers see the different ways Asics products can be helpful, it tells them how useful their products are.

As seen in the image above, the ASICS blog shares ‘Gear Guides’, ‘Workouts’, etc. that compliments what they are mainly selling - Sports apparel. The models in the blog images are repping Asics apparel which is a great way to subtly advertise and position their products as a solution. When customers are able to see how owning these Asics products can be helpful, it results in increased conversions.

Therefore, continuously publishing content for your business can inspire people with more ideas on the different ways your products can be used, giving them more reasons to keep buying.