Peloton out of stock tactic

Peloton out of stock tactic
Igor Dovgan

Igor Dovgan

June 8 2023


Shopify stores can suffer significant losses when products run out of stock. To prevent this, Peloton implements the Back in Stock Alerts tactic to collect customer emails and notify them when the product is back in stock.

Out of stock products can cause significant revenue loss for Shopify stores, making it harder to acquire those sales in the future. Even if your inventory management is A-game, short gaps of out of stock products is inevitable. During these times, you'll need to have a system in place to avoid losing sales. This is where the Back in Stock Alerts tactic comes in handy!

The "Rainbow Together We Go Far Bracelet” on Peloton Apparel store is out of stock and the back-in-stock alerts is used on their product listing such that interested customers can provide their emails to subscribe to the out of stock product. Once the product is back in stock, customers who have expressed interest will be alerted via email and brought back to purchase. This is a way to not only grow your subscription list, lower your CAC, boost sales and give customers a positive experience.

Add this to your shopify store easily! Here's how:

  1. Install Konigle on your Shopify store.
  2. In your Konigle dashboard go to improve conversions strategy, implement ‘Send back in stock alerts’ tactic.
  3. Enable the tool and customise how you want the widget to look like on your store i.e. "notify me”