FOMO: How "X Number of People" Can Make You Want to Buy

FOMO: How "X Number of People" Can Make You Want to Buy

Maxwell Reed

Maxwell Reed

May 10 2023


A shoe brand used FOMO to create a sense of demand for their product. By displaying the number of people viewing the item, they created urgency to buy before it sold out.

Last week, while browsing Google for a new pair of shoes, I came across an interesting trend. One brand, in particular, was using a unique fear of missing out a principle that caught my attention as I scrolled through my options.

The shoe brand has added a feature to its product page that displays how many people are currently viewing the same product. It shows a message that reads "X number of people are currently viewing this item". At first, I thought it was just a gimmick, but as I watched the number increase, I started to feel a sense of urgency to buy the shoes before they sold out.

The shoe brand effectively used the principle of FOMO to create a sense of demand for its product. By indicating the number of people viewing the same item, they created the perception that the shoes were in high demand and could sell out at any moment.

As I continued to browse through the website, I couldn't help but think about how effective this principle was. I found myself drawn to products that had similar features and messaging. It was fascinating to see how a simple tweak in the user interface could influence my buying behavior.

In the end, I did purchase the shoes that I had been eyeing. I felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that I had secured them before someone else could. It was a small victory, but it reminded me of the power of FOMO.

Since that day, I have been paying closer attention to the various tactics brands use to sell their products. In doing so, I discovered a new tactic.

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