Under Armour size guide

Under Armour size guide

Online shoppers hesitate to buy apparel without trying it on, so online stores should offer a free return policy. A size guide, like Under Armour's, helps customers find the right fit and understand measurements. This reduces return requests and improves margins. An

Many online shoppers are hesitant to purchase apparel items like backpacks, shoes, etc. without trying them on first. Therefore, it is imperative for online stores to offer a no-questions-asked free return policy for up to a certain period of time post purchase. Even though having a return policy can help to improve conversions, but returns also contributes to an increase in costs for an online brand and reduces profit margins, adding a Size Guide can help increase conversions further. See how Under Armour does it well:

Under Amour has a very comprehensive size guide that helps potential customers understand how the sizes are measured and what would be a perfect fit. As seen in the image, Under Amour has split the sizings into “Men, Women, Boys, and Girls”, and under each category it is further split into “Tops, Bottoms, Footwear, Headwear, Gloves, and Socks”. This makes it even easier for visitors to navigate and find the relevant sizing charts all in one place.

Also, they have a fit guide that lets customers visualise how the clothing should fit when worn. This way, customers can decide if they should upsize / downsize for the various cuttings available.

With this, the tendency of return requests being potentially raised would decrease and hence profit margins would improve. An easy to implement size guide can really go a long way!