COURTS Online Deals

COURTS Online Deals
Maxwell Reed

Maxwell Reed

July 21 2023


COURTS is running an online exclusive clearance sale to incentivize customers to purchase online and increase sales. By creating an automatic 'Clearance' collection, tagging items with "Online Deal" ribbons, and running email and SMS outreach campaigns with

COURTS operates more than 70 retail outlets across three markets (Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia). Along with this offline presence, COURTS also has online stores. COURTS uses an Online Only Deals tactic to drive online sales via its online websites:

COURTS is running an online exclusive clearance sale where some of the discounts given would not be available in-store. For example, under the clearance collection available on COURT's online store, products are tagged with a yellow ‘ONLINE DEAL’ ribbon which lets customers know that they should purchase the items here rather than in physical stores if they want to be entitled to the exclusive discounts.

This tactic is useful for businesses selling electronic appliances or furniture. As most consumers would prefer to get their hands on the product to see the actual dimensions and specifications, they would usually be more inclined to travel down to the physical retail outlets to make purchases. In order to maintain a strong online presence, giving online exclusive deals would act as an incentive for consumers to make purchases online instead. Therefore, this will lead to an increase in conversions and boost in sales.

Run your very own online exclusive clearance sale

  1. Go to your Shopify Admin to create a new automatic 'Clearance’ collection.
  2. Install Konigle on your Shopify store.
  3. Under Pricing power strategy, implement the ‘Run a flash sale’ tactic.
  4. Configure prices with the Bulk Price Editor tool.
  5. Before submitting the pricing change request, you can also use the same tool to add product tags i.e. 'clearance' in bulk so that these products are automatically added into the ‘Clearance’ collection created.
  6. [For businesses with physical retail outlets] You can also add a promo description in the title or body i.e. “Online only deal” with the same tool so that customers know that the discount is only available online.
  7. To promote your products, use email and SMS outreach campaigns built in the Konigle Bulk Price Editor Tool. The tool allows you to design both email and SMS templates without the need for any other software or app like Klaviyo or MailChimp.
Maxwell Reed


Maxwell Reed

Maxwell Reed a growth engineer is helping online stores with insights and recommendations to help implement conversion rate optimisation tactics.